Don't Forget Me

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Don't Forget Me

Konigsburg, Texas, #6

I enjoy this series set in Konigsburg and what is especially nice is that each book can stand alone but has characters that overlap books. This one is no different. It’s full of sweet romance as well as a bit of mystery. Built on a relationship that started in the past and surrounded by a wedding that doesn’t seem to get planned, this story has multiple facets that come together to form a fun and interesting book that will keep the interest of romance lovers and possibly mystery loves alike. Small town living has never been so much fun! And, this is small town living at its best complete with nosey folks, the town Barney Fife and so much more! So, take some time to visit Konigsburg but be warned you may want to visit more than once.

Kit has come to Konigsburg to look for a job after her father decided to sell the family restaurant. She quickly learns that there isn’t much to choose from but does find a job managing a restaurant outside of town. That will work for now, even though it means living with her aunt, who seems to have problems planning her wedding. Coming back to Konigsburg also means needing to figure out how to deal with bumping into her ex, Nando. Nando knows he screwed up after their last fight but he’s not sure how to fix it. The attraction and love he felt towards Kit has never ended but how does he get her to forgive him? In the meantime, someone is breaking into local businesses. The thief looks familiar to several witness but no one can identify him. So who can it be? Life is never boring in Konigsburg!

Book Blurb for Don't Forget Me

Once they said goodbye forever. Now they want to walk it back.

Eighteen months ago, Kit Maldonado was so over Nando Avrogado, she left Konigsburg without a backward glance. With the family restaurant in San Antonio sold out from under her, though, she's back to manage The Rose, an exclusive resort eatery outside town.

Dealing with a stingy boss, an amorous head chef, an understaffed dining room and planning her aunt's wedding should have kept her hands full. But she realizes she might not be as over Nando as she thought.

As the town's new assistant chief of police, Nando's got enough trouble without sexy Kit fanning embers he thought had long ago turned to ashes. Every time he turns around, she's there-and it doesn't help that everyone in town wants to see them back together.

One incendiary kiss, and there's no denying the force of their attraction. But there's a mysterious and oddly familiar burglar who's been lurking around Konigsburg, someone who isn't above a little mayhem-maybe even violence-to cover his tracks.

Warning: Contains hot makeup sex, wedding madness, a hot chef, vengeful burglars, and unlawful abuse of a wedding cake.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00