Lady Genevieve got a divorce after almost 20 years of marriage. Her marriage just wasn’t meeting her needs so she moved into a small condo with just a fraction of their marital assets and began to figure out her new life. She has a job. She’s not sure where she’s heading in her personal life but she knows that she desires someone who cares more for her than their job.

Back in the 80s, Lady Genevieve was offered a job as a professional Dominatrix which she turned down. Now, on her own, she turns to the Internet to learn more about this lifestyle which interests her. In a society where men are expected to dominate women, Genevieve learns that there is a place for her in the BDSM community. As she searches for a slave to do her every bidding including worshipping her, she may find more than she expects and in a place she didn’t think to look.

Nicolas is introduced to the BDSM lifestyle at 18. He actually gets training but when faced with a choice he couldn’t agree to, he joins the Marines. After getting out, he marries but longs for a relationship where he can be free to worship his mistress and do whatever she wants. His wife suggests he get counseling. Desperate to find someone to serve, Nicolas searches the Internet. Willing to move to accomplish this goal, he hopes that Lady Genevieve in Chicago will be the one.

This book is Genevieve and Nicolas’s stories. Each takes a turn on letting the reader know how they ended up where they currently are. You learn about their search, their disappointments, and their learning about their own desires. They put their fears and disappoints out there for you to see. They also share their triumphs and joys. By getting both sides of the story, you get a well rounded feel for a lifestyle few see outside of that community.

Because you get a personal account, the characters feel alive and very real. You can feel and understand Nicolas’s hesitations. As Genevieve learns more of her role, you learn along with her. And with a nosy neighbor, you even get views from those outside of the relationship. Each character introduced could be someone you would meet on the street.

To say this book is intense is an understatement. Lots of emotions are expressed and the scenes drag you into the drama. You may not like or agree with everything going on but you can feel the yearning and the desires. Because if feels like an actual personal account, you become involved in the lives portrayed and feel like you have a vested interest in the outcome.

There are lots of very graphic, very sexual scenes throughout this book. Some could almost be called abuse or assault. However, as every act is sane, safe and consensual they should be legal. Most acts are outside what is considered the norm. This is not just a little bondage but a whole lot more. If you can’t handle that, don’t pick this book up.

While this is not a lifestyle that I could live, I found myself intrigued and festinated by it. I know I learned a lot more than I ever wanted to which isn’t a bad thing. Would I recommend this books as a nice relaxing book to read? No. Would I recommend it? Definitely. You’re just not going to relax reading it.

Book Blurb for Dommemoir

Warning: This book will change women's perspective on relationship dynamics forever.

Geneviéve, a forty-something divorcée, tries to spice up her life and get her chores done by dabbling in the BDSM lifestyle. Instead, she discovers her true nature. Nicolas, a bank executive, hides from his need for enslavement most of his adult life. Told in their own words, Dommemoir reveals how they must defy cultural norms and suffer through numerous obstacles to search for what they need.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 5.00