Do Over

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Do Over

As her 25th wedding anniversary looms, Faith Wainwright is feeling at loose ends. Her life is changing and she’s not sure where she’s going. Her two children have left home for college and while she still shares a terrific relationship with her husband, it has been feeling a bit hoe hum. They’ve come home for a visit as Faith is feeling a bit homesick which is kind of silly as she’s not lived at home for quite a while.

Troy, Faith’s husband, has an anniversary surprise for her. Picking Faith up at her mothers, he drives to the local high school, the one both of them graduated from. Handing her a photo album, they remember their senior prom and their first kiss. But this is just the first stop in Troy’s trip through memory lane. As they travel through their memories, each will learn a bit more about their spouse.

Will looking back show Faith a path to move forward?

This short story was absolutely, positively fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Faith and Troy’s memories and watching Troy “do over” some of them. The love that was expressed with each stop was tangible and so real. It was amazing that Troy could not only remember where all the important things happened in their marriage but he actually remembered what happened.

The characters were as real as your best friends. Troy worked hard in construction. Faith’s life revolved around her children. They are typical middle class Americans who enjoyed a typical upbringing. I think this is why they felt so real. Troy didn’t run around with gushy speeches, though he does write an awesome letter. Memories weren’t of expensive vacations but of a one night honeymoon and a small first home.

Troy and Faith knew each other before they dated so you would think that they knew everything about each other. As they travel through the past, they learn things that they never knew or dreamed about the other. How true. Just because you think you know someone’s thoughts and desires, doesn’t mean you do. And they just might shock you, when you find out!

The ending was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending. Though Troy and Faith have already started their happily ever after, they still have lots of time to love, laugh and live. This ending reminds us of that, so thanks.

How can I express how much fun this book was to read? I’m not sure. But I can and will strongly recommend this book to anyone who is in a relationship, would like a relationship, ever had a relationship and that means pretty much everyone.

Young or old, the love that is shared on those pages reflects that love doesn’t die as you get older, it may change, but it’s still there are strong as ever if you just stop and look for it. In a world where divorce is common, maybe we need to be reminded that so is love that lasts over the years. Thanks Ms. Carr for reminding us of that.

Book Blurb for Do Over

Sometimes once is not enough…

After twenty-five years of marriage, Faith Wainwright wonders what she’ll do next. Her kids have moved out and sometimes she feels so distant from her husband, Troy.

Right before their anniversary, Troy gives Faith an unexpected gift: a journey through their hometown to reenact all their “firsts”. Their first date. Their first kiss. And especially the first time they made love—only better.

Each stop on their tour becomes an opportunity for Faith and Troy to rediscover how explosive their passion could be. Now Faith knows exactly what she’s going to do—Troy, over and over again….

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00