Diablo Lake: Moonstruck

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Diablo Lake: Moonstruck

Diablo Lake, #1

While this book occasionally had me wondering about some of the wording, the story kept my interest right from the beginning. Any time you have sexy guys running around shirtless, how can you not keep a woman’s interest? The mixture of shifters and witches was different. Not only were there more than one type of shifter, there were actually two wolf packs. I enjoyed these characters. Katie could stand up for herself but she also knew how to put others first. Jace did a balancing act between his job and his pack. But most of all, I enjoyed all the friends and family that made this town a community. The interactions between everyone was heartwarming and made this story real. Some of the “fighting” felt petty but it did progress the story. Overall, I really loved the characters and the town. I look forward to the next book in this series. Jace has to hot brothers who need to find someone and Katie has a best friend! Things could get interesting in Diablo Lake.

Katie’s come home after a couple of years in Chattanooga due to her father’s health. She never wanted to come back after being left at the alter but family comes first. Strangely, she feels as though a missing piece of her has been found once she’s in town. However, Katie is sleeping at her best friend’s house and needs to find her own place soon. A plus for staying at her friend’s house though is watching her teenage crush, Jace run down the road shirtless. He is way out of her league so she’s only looking, or so she tells herself until the only place she can find is an apartment across the hall from Jace.

Book Blurb for Diablo Lake: Moonstruck

In Diablo Lake, Tennessee, a town populated by werewolves, witches and more, magic woven deep into the earth protects the town's secrets from outsiders.Katie Grady left Diablo Lake to get over a humiliating breakup. But her family needs her help, so she's back, in a sublet right across the hall from the guy she's lusted after for years. Jace Dooley is hotter than ever, and their friendship picks up along with massive doses of grown-up chemistry.The very scent of Katie sharpens Jace's canines, makes the wolf within him stir. There's nothing more alluring to a Pack Alpha than a sexy female who is so very in charge. She won't be coddled, but if he plays his hand just right she might be convinced to become his.Katie presents a challenge to Jace's wolf nature, whose chief instinct is to protect. Especially now that she's coming into the magic that is her birthright—and suddenly Jace isn't the only one who's interested in Katie or the raw power she's just learning to use.

Editor's Note: The story continues in Diablo Lake: Protected, available soon!

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 4.50