Demon Night

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Demon Night

Demon Series - Book 3

Charlie Newcomb was a gifted singer until an accident cut off those dreams. Going into a downward spiral she began drinking to the point she couldn't quit and ended up crashing into Cole's Hard Time Bar and Grill. That crashed put her in jail and forced her to face her issues. Upon release, she went to Cole's to apologize and ended up with a job bar keeping. Two years later, she comfortable with herself but someone or something is after her and no where is safe.

Ethan, better known as Drifter, is a Guardian. A Guardian is sort of like a guardian angel. People become Guardians when they unselfishly give up their own lives for someone else to live. Guardians look human except they can sprout large white wings when needed and can magically put things into another dimension to be pulled back out later. Ethan has been tasked to watch Charlie. Due to work her sister, Jane, is doing, Charlie is at risk and the Special Investigations Division of Homeland Security wants her safe.

Jane is working on a project to try to figure out why vampire blood has healing properties and how to duplicate it. She is getting close but not quite there. Her boyfriend, Dylan is the head of the company and he may be the one. What she doesn't know is that Dylan is a demon. In order to insure that Jane will continue working on this project, Dylan is willing to have Charlie changed into a vampire even if Charlie isn't willing.

Add to this mix, the problem of entire vampire communities coming up dead. First, the leaders of the communities are killed and then every vampire in the city. There are no leads or clue as to who is doing this or why.

Also, the Brandt's, a father and son, seem to be not what they appear. Why would the son all of a sudden what to see Jane? They hadn't seen each other in years. Why the father's sudden interest in vampires? What is their connection with what is happening or is there a connection?

Ms Brook has developed a very interesting and vivid world full of paranormal creatures. She introduces them in a way that you don't get confused even though there are several slight differences to them. For example: vampires and nosferatu. While both have bloodlust and intolerance to sunlight, nosferatu were angels that were thrown into hell and will vampires were not. Nosteratu and vampires have a deadly dislike towards each other. Readers get not only the descriptions of these characters but their governing rules and consequences. Demons can not force a human to do something or the demon will be killed.

I liked the character development. You could see the way Charlie thought about things and therefore understood her reactions. Charlie had an underlying neediness that she would deny forever, yet what she wanted most was the easiest things to get if she would have only asked. The frustration that Ethan felt was so typically male that you could just about laugh. The answer is in front of him but he's too blind to see. Jane's struggle with her love of Charlie against her love of Dylan and having to decide who to believe and what to do with her decision is heartfelt.

The twists and turns in the plot are excellent. The not really knowing what will happen next; Ethan making deals with demons and Charlie is trying to make sense of a world that has gone crazy. Back at Cole's, Old Michael wants Charlie to become his assistant and as she's never lied to him or missed work, he's a little concerned when Charlie not only is missing work but lying about being sick. What is going on? Will Charlie be able to come back to work at Cole's or is that part of her life gone forever?

Book Blurb for Demon Night

Beautiful Charlie Newcomb is being hunted by vampires, for she is the link to a medical miracle that could be invaluable to the night stalkers. Her only protection is her guardian, Ethan. But will he be enough to save her when darkness falls? "Falling for Anthony" in Hot Spell (Nov 2005) Demon Angel (Jan 2007) "Paradise" in Wild Thing (May 2007) Demon Moon (June 2007) Demon Night (Feb 2008) "Thicker Than Blood" in First Blood (Aug 2008) Demon Bound (Nov 2008)

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00