Delta Redemption

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Delta Redemption

SEAL Team Phantom Book 6

This is a fast paced action packed romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The action is explosive in the bedroom and out as secrets are discovered and love is rekindled. Some of the secrets will test loyalties and family ties while others will bring people closer. The men are a former SEAL team so they are buff and sexy but the women are just as strong willed and definitely know their own minds. These strong characters make this story pop and sizzle. As usual characters from other series by Ms. Boon make appearances. This is definitely a must read for anyone who loves a terrific contemporary romance with a bit of suspense.

Jase fell for Brooke immediately but Brooke’s father made sure Jase wouldn’t be around to pursue her. Now, years later Jase finds himself needing to protect her even though he was made into a traitor. Will Brooke trust him especially after the way he left her? And, as things get complicated, can Jase relay on the SEAL team he left?

Book Blurb for Delta Redemption

Jase had his life mapped out in front of him. He was the leader of SEAL Team Phantom and planned to continue moving up in the ranks, until he met his mentor’s daughter. Falling for Brooke Frazee wasn’t on his agenda, but from the moment he saw the Admiral’s daughter, all bets were off.

Brooke’s life wasn’t always easy, but she dreamed of someday finding her happily ever after. She never planned on falling for a military man like her father, until she unexpectedly meets Jase Tyler at her door. The thought of being with him both terrified and excited her.

Jase knew Brooke was the woman for him. After declaring their love for each other they were forced to part ways, for reasons Brooke will never understand. Jase is left with his heart in shreds as he’s shipped off on a mission, unsure of his return. Will war make him forget everything he’s leaving behind or will his mission leave him branded as a traitor?

Brooke was shattered when Jase left, but she was forced to move on with her life even though her dreams had changed. She’s not prepared when the man from her past walks back through the door, or for the secrets they uncover while on the run from danger.

Jase, no longer a member of Phantom Team, but not knowing who else he can trust to protect what he holds dear, calls on his former SEAL Team. As they reunite as a unit and work together, they find out that nothing is what it seems. If Jase and Brooke live through the coming days, will their love be able to endure when the dust settles?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 5.00