Deconstructing Superwoman

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Deconstructing Superwoman

Thirty-eight year old Holland Barrett had it all. She had two wonderful children, a successful career, great friends, lived in a nice house and a good husband for 20 years. She was superwoman until she walked in on her lawyer husband having sex with his young, skinny secretary in his office. Even if Holland was willing to forgive Tom, he was ready to move on which was the beginning of the changes in Holland’s life.
Holland’s position as regional manager required her to travel around. Holland is a creature of habit and road in the same metro car, in the same place every time she ventured into DC. On one of her trips she noticed an older woman reading a book. Being a serious reader and curious, Holland had to see what she was reading and so started Holland’s metro friendship with Matilda. On one of these trips, Holland witnesses Matilda being pushed into the path of an oncoming metro train killing her. This event causes more changes in Holland’s already changing life.
Though the metro police wouldn’t listen to her when Holland finally does call the police to tell her story and give them Matilda’s bag, it becomes much more than a simple report. With the police comes a handsome FBI agent, Michael who seems to have as much trouble as Holland keeping his mind on the case. He tries to keep it purely professional but it’s hard when you have a hard on. Holland wouldn’t mind helping take care of that problem which gives her more changes to think about.
Daughter, Jenna attends college. When Holland overhears her talking about a crush on a professor with her best friend she doesn’t think too much about it. But when she reads Jenna’s journal that implies much more is going on, she heads to confront this professor. To her shock, the man she thinks is a graduate assistant is Jenna’s 28-year-old professor, Ty and he wouldn’t mind getting to know the mother better as he has no interest in the daughter at all! Boy, talk about a change to consider!
As Holland continues looking into her friend, Matilda’s death with her two best friends, she had life experiences that she never thought would happen to her. Besides two fantastic guys wanting her, she ends up meeting with the mob, getting kidnapped a bit too often for her peace of mind and learning a lot about herself and her family.
I’m not sure how to explain how much I enjoyed reading this book. The characters are awesome. The situations can be hilarious. The realism is perfect. Even the timing is spot on.
The characters are given lives, likes and jobs. They don’t just walk around as cardboard stick figures but interact and react. You don’t get a great deal of background on them but it’s not needed as their personalities overshadow any shortcomings making them invisible. Yet as big as their personalities are, they don’t over power but seem to fit the characters. 
How Holland can get in so much trouble with one guy and have to call on another to get them out with no blood drawn is classic and you can’t help put smile, if not laugh as she tries to explain her way out of her predicament. This is only an example of Holland’s life which causes her trails and us laughter. Holland can even get a gathering of the DAR involved in her crazy life!
When I saw where this book was set, I was leery as it is basically in my backyard. As I read, I was like, yep I know the orange line of metro, I got off in Landover, one stop away from where Holland got on and off. I drive through Bowie several times a year, and yep, knew some of the places described there. This was definitely someone who knows the area well and I appreciate it being put into such a favorable light.
Holland isn’t Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum. This book though has similar characteristics though the characters are definitely unique. The same type of humor is used. There is a love triangle going on between two hot guys and a girl with hair issues. Each has a sidekick that has a weight problem. And all I can say is Stephanie had better make some room on the shelf for Holland as she’s just as much fun to read.
If you’re looking for a funny mystery/romance/finding yourself book, stop right here. I couldn’t put this book down until I finished it. I loved it. Now, I’m ready for some more adventures with Holland, Ty and Michael.

Book Blurb for Deconstructing Superwoman

I’d like to introduce you to Holland Barrett. She’s a 38-year-old wife, mother, executive, book lover, and pop-culture fanatic. Today, she walked in on her husband of 20 years eating her famous seven-layer dip—off of his naked secretary! It was a crushing blow, even for a “Superwoman.”

So what’s a girl to do? Well, if you’re anything like our main character, you might swear off Mexican food, reinvent yourself with the help of some good friends, and take another stab at happily ever after. If that fails, you might try multiple murders, mayhem, and masturbation.

Throw in a hired assassin, a sexy FBI agent, the Mob, a psychotic intern, and a younger man who just may be your “Ultimate Mate” (if you can just get past the 10-year age difference), and you’ll be enjoying one of the wildest road trips ever.

Join Holland and her two best friends—Emily, a romantically-challenged bookstore owner and Lola, a plus-sized super model—as they dismantle the Superwoman myth and come to understand that it’s the bumps in the road that make the journey so much fun.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 5.00