Wyoming Brothers Book 2

"Declan" is a good solid story. The characters are well thought out and interact together extremely well. Finn is hiding her real personality behind a tough persona that doesn’t allow anyone to get close. Declan has a huge heart with love that won’t quit. He sees the good in everyone. Both have dreams and have had dreams dashed. One of the most important characters is a tiny little girl. She doesn’t say much but her presence changes lives. Close family ties are a major theme throughout this story. This gives each character more depth and make the story have more dimensions. The love between everyone is tangible. On the romance front, Finn and Declan have more than themselves to think about. Each has to give some and some of that is painful. Yet you know they are going to figure it out. The only problem I had with this story is the adoption aspect. I truly don’t think it is as easy as this book portrays to adopt any child, even one in the middle of a war. That aspect of the story is sketchy but if you over look that, the story is a joy to read.

The Story: Declan is heading home to his family’s ranch. He has plans but he’s going to need his family’s support to get them off the ground especially as he now has an adopted daughter. That isn’t exactly the souvenir most people bring back from a war! He has land on the ranch and now it’s time to build his house and training facility. When the first contractor doesn’t work out, he calls Finnegan Construction. Finn is the owner and she’s a woman which is very unusual. Her company does great work and she knows it. With a chip on her shoulder, Finn negotiates a contract. Finn has no problems with Declan but his daughter is another matter. Declan wants to know this feisty contractor better but he’s a package deal.

Book Blurb for Declan

He came home from Iraq after five years, to the Wyoming ranch where he’d been raised. The ranch had been equally divided between him and his two brothers. And this time he isn’t alone. In his arms is his newly adopted, orphaned baby girl.

Now he is ready to build a home, start his business training police mounts, and raise his daughter. All he needs is a contractor he can rely on.

Finnegan Construction comes highly recommended. But the owner isn’t a man. It’s a wounded, beautiful woman, with a chip on her shoulder. A woman who doesn’t like children because of a tragic past she can’t let go.

But she is the one for him. All he has to do is convince her of that.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2018 4.00