Dare Me

A Red Hot Weekend story

Rob Thorton has just finished his treatment for cancer at an alternative treatment center in Spain. As soon as he’s released, he heads home to Australia and his best friend’s wedding even though the trip is against his sexy oncologist’s advise. Rob feels a bit light headed and he has a bit of a headache but it’s worth that little bit of discomfort to be at the wedding.

Emily Knox is Rob’s oncologist. She’s worked hard for her degrees and working at the alternative treatment center has always been her dream. Rob was a special patient in for the first time ever Emily is sexually attracted to a patient! She even crossed the line between patient/doctor with him and shared a kiss.

When Emily learns that Rob has flown to Australia, she follows. His best friend has told her where she can find him but she didn’t expect that she’d be attending his wedding reception! Rob’s shocked and pleased to see Emily. Can he convince her to let her hair down and see where a relationship with him might lead? He sure hopes so!

This is a sequel to Triple Dare. The main characters from that book are the wedding couple in this one. What a great way to keep up with favorite characters! However, you do not need to read Triple Dare to thoroughly enjoy this story.

Rob and Emily are really good characters. They come across as real people that have real problems, issues and feelings. They aren’t going to jump into anything without thinking it through but the fact of the matter is Rob has been thinking of all kinds of things to do with Emily for a long time. Emily is a bit more cautious but her attraction to Rob can get her into some interesting positions.

The sexual scenes in this short story are graphic and full of emotion. They aren’t just having sex for the sake of having sex, they are making love with all the feelings and tenderness that goes along with that. However, don’t take that to mean nice, sweet sex. They are all for getting down and dirty.

I liked this story. It came across as believable and fun. The pacing of the story was perfect though the story ended way too soon. I really wanted to read more but the story really was at a logical end.

I have to highly recommend this story to anyone who likes erotic romance, hot sexy bodies and exotic locales. Okay, probably not exotic to the author but for us in the US, Australia is exotic.

Book Blurb for Dare Me

Defying death is the ultimate dare. Defying love? Well, that’s just stupid.

Back-to-back medical degrees took Emily Knox right where she planned to be: treating patients in an alternative cancer clinic. But nothing prepared her for a cocky, cheeky Aussie who strode into her life and dared her to cure him. She told herself it was his challenge she couldn’t resist—not his daredevil charm.

Eight months later, Rob’s out of danger…and Emily’s in trouble. She’s in deep, too deep. Worse, Rob has left the clinic against doctor’s orders. There’s nothing for it but to follow him across eleven thousand miles of land and sea to give him what for—as his doctor, of course.

Rob never expected to survive the brain tumor. Nor did he expect to fall head over heels for his very proper, very English oncologist. The problem? Her Hippocratic Oath hangs between them, keeping her just out of reach. Now, with “cured” on his medical chart and his duty as best man for his best mate calling, he takes off for home to start getting his old life back.

Trouble is, while the good doctor cured his cancer, she seems to have inflicted him with something else—desire he just can’t shake.

Warning: Rob Thorton is addictive. Also, there’s scorching passion, undeniable lust, soul-shattering desire, heartbreaking angst, explosive sex and of course, Australian sarcasm. Did you really expect anything else?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50