Dragons of Riddich Book 4

Mel Teshco's "Dahlia" is part of a series about 5 dragon shifters running for their lives. Each story is focused on one of the shifters and at least for now is totally independent from the other stories. This one is about the only female shifter, Dahlia. Her character is a mixture of strong warrior and sexy woman. Lincoln is a privileged man who definitely has no problems using his money to get what he wants. However, he’s more than Dahlia expects. This story has two major components, the running for their lives and lots of sex. There is a bit of plot within those components and a bit of depth but for the most part this is a sexual fantasy. Overall, I enjoyed this story and I’m enjoying this series. I look forward to seeing how it concludes as all the shifters are to meet a year after landing on Earth. Oh, and the sex is truly as hot as the dragon’s fire.

The Story: Dahlia escaped with 4 other dragon shifters to Earth to try to save their people. However, the Tantonics trying to kill them followed. Splitting up, each shifter is trying to hide and survive. Dahlia finds herself at the mansion of Lincoln, a millionaire fashion designer. Suddenly she’s part of his fashion show and part of his life. Unfortunately, the Tantonics show up causing them to flee. Can they stay alive?

Book Blurb for Dahlia

A Scifi Alien Romance

The dragons will search the universe for their one true mate...

Dahlia Mannett was a princess on her planet, Riddich. Now all she wants on Earth is to be normal and not hunted by the evil Tantonics, who prey on her people for their power. But somehow she ends up in a bikini and on the catwalk for famous designer, Lincoln Hillier. Turns out he’s also the one man to bring out her inner dragon—a miracle considering no Riddich male achieved that same result.

But even if Lincoln is Dahlia’s one true mate, how can she expect him to give up everything and everyone he’s ever known for an alien woman … a woman who jeopardizes his life just for being with her. Because the Tantonics will destroy anyone who gets in the way of their goal to drain the Riddichians of their power.

Lincoln thought he’d had everything, until he saw Dahlia. Now she’s all he wants, and he’s happy to give up his worldly possessions to stay with her. An existence without her in it wouldn't be living, and he’s willing to risk it all to prove it. She’s his life mate … and she’s all he wants.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2017 4.00