Crystal Genie

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Crystal Genie

Celeste loves the crystal she bought at the Crystal Dreams. She loves watching the colors as the sun reflects off the imperfection located inside it. But after getting fingerprints all over it, she needs to wipe it down. She’s shocked when a genie appears and even intimidated when he appears to grow 30 feet tall! This genie who calls himself, Zurvan doesn’t seem too thrill to be released from the crystal and soon Celeste finds out why.
Zurvan will only be out for three days. During those three days, Celeste can ask for three wishes. If Zurvan can fulfill them, he will but he can’t do everything and he might question Celeste’s desires.
In the meantime, Zurvan has no problem taking care of Celeste by cooking her meals, getting her clothes and even in bed! This surprises them both as Zurvan isn’t too thrilled with women and Celeste is sure all men are scum. The longer that they are together though, the more they seem to belong together. So what’s going to happen after 3 days?
This is a short quirky story that plays on the genie and three wishes theme. However, it’s also more than that. It’s erotic and romantic as well as mysterious. 
The beginning of this story has Celeste dealing with her sister. She reflects on her family life and how it made her distrustful of men. By the end of the story, Zurvan is with his sister and the woman who put him into the crystal. However, even though both families make an appearance, neither really interacts with the couple. Celeste and Zurvan pretty much are the sole characters for most of this book. They are joined by another towards the end of the story.
Much of the story takes place around Celeste and Zurvan’s sexual escapades. These are graphic so if that type of stuff bothers you, don’t read this story! 
I enjoyed this fun story and was pleasantly surprised at the ending. In many ways this story stepped out of the norm and looked at things from outside the box making it unique and refreshing. 

Book Blurb for Crystal Genie

Length: Novelette

Have you ever wished you could find a magic lamp and… poof!… a genie would appear before you offering wishes?  Be careful what you wish for!

Celeste feels a special draw to a beautiful quartz crystal she sees in her favorite store.  When she brings it home, she finds herself staring into its liquid depths at a small imperfection that makes the stone so mesmerizing.  She polishes off a fingerprint marring the surface and a man—all granite hard muscle and starkly sensual good looks—appears before her.
The genie of the crystal.  Zurvan.
As soon as Zurvan sees Celeste… a woman! ... rage blazes through him.   He does NOT trust women.  He was imprisoned, tortured and cursed by Atia, a woman who claims she loves him yet punishes him because he can’t love her back.
Zurvan tamps down his anger and offers Celeste her three wishes.
Celeste hardly believes she is face-to-face with a real live genie and feels out of her depth with the highly sensual, overwhelmingly masculine man who is nothing like the willing-to-please genie she imagines from fairy tales.  Although this man is to serve her, she feels he is the one in control.  Not only that, there is something about this man that seems vaguely familiar.  Like a hazy image from a dream.
When they both fall prey to the white hot attraction between them, Zurvan promises her the greatest pleasure she will ever experience… and delivers!  Celeste soon finds she must remind herself she does not trust love.  She has watched both her mother and sister stay with men who mistreat them because they say they love them.  Celeste figures that if that’s love, who needs it?  What their behavior has really convinced her of, though, is that there’s no way she would ever be able to recognize real love.
As Celeste goes through the process of making her wishes, she and Zurvan discover some unsettling truths about both their pasts.  Now she knows that when he returns to his imprisonment in the crystal—and there is nothing she can do to stop it—she will be left to endure a life of interminable loneliness missing the man she was meant to be with forever.
To My Reader: Crystal Genie isn’t your typical Aladdin story.  Zurvan, the powerful male genie, has no intention of being mastered by anyone, let alone a female—no matter how sexy she is.  This is a story with steaming hot sex, but also a story of enduring love.  Fall under the spell of… Opal Carew’s Crystal Genie

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.25