Crown of Crystal Flame

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Crown of Crystal Flame

Tairen Soul, #5

The Crown of Crystal Flame is the last book in a five part series by C.L. Wilson. These books were originally publish as romance but any fantasy fan will tell you that they were absolutely not put in the correct genre. Each group would be correct as there is a terrific love story going on with an awesome fantasy tale.

Ellysetta Baristani grew up the daughter of a wood carver. She was more than that though even if she didn’t know it. The Tairen Soul and Fey King, Rain found her while visiting a mortal city, claiming her for his own. Though they are meant to be together unless their bond is finalized, Rain will go mad and die. There is still one more rope that must bond before it is solid and Ellysetta isn’t ready to make it.

If that wasn’t enough pressure, the Eld, evil mages have started a war. The high mage wants the power of the Tairen and will do anything to get it, including bonding souls to them and starting a war. The fey look towards their allies only to find the elves will not go to battle with them. The mortals will but they don’t have the magic or the might needed.

The fey have been divided by the council. Rain, though the last Tairen Soul, has been thrown out of the Fading Lands along will Ellysetta. Many fey followed them and as the war continues, many more join them. But will it be enough or will they need to join with some unlikely allies?

This ends Ellysetta and Rain’s story. If you haven’t read the first four books, please read them prior to this one. While you might be able to make heads and tales of the story, it would be a thousand times better if you have read the first four books. Many of the events and situations happened in the earlier books but have a great impact on this one.

Many loose ends from the previous books are brought to a close or at least brought to a good point to end until Ms Wilson gives us some more books about our favorite characters in this saga. However, if you haven’t read those previous books, some of these ends won’t make as much sense as if you had read them. Ellysetta’s twin sisters are a case in point as you see where their future may lie.

Though the past of Ellysetta and Rain are revealed throughout the book, their characters aren’t as fully developed as they had been in previous books. This one had more narrative than in the past which doesn’t reveal as much emotion. (this is my humble opinion and can definitely be challenged) Likewise, many of the main secondary characters that followers of these books love aren’t as defined but again those that have been following this wonderful series already have fallen in love with them.

A majority of this book is situated around the war raging and all the behind the scenes work to fight it. Weather it is with the mages or with the fey, everyone has plans on what is going to happen. It’s complex and interwoven. Because this war and the struggles are happening in several places at once, sections are titled with where the action is happening. It would be totally confusing without that.

I absolutely loved this series. I recommend it to anyone who vaguely likes fantasy stories. I always impatiently wait until the next book in this series comes out as I just can’t wait to know more. The characters are wonderful and you connect with them. The struggles against good and evil are classic but brought forth in a fresh new light. Old beliefs are followed but challenged as things aren’t always what they appear. This story is action packed yet with a tender undertone.

The Crown of Crystal Flame concludes this series with style. I was thrilled that the last book is just as interesting as the first. Instead of feeling let down, this book leaves you knowing the fey will be okay, alliances are stronger than ever and everything will be right in the world. Great way to end a war and a series!

As this series comes to an end, Ms Wilson leaves herself an opening to continue books in this well thought out world. I can’t wait to see who’s story comes next because so many characters screamed out to have their story told. And though her fans must wait what seems like forever for the next book to come out, all of them will tell you that it is well worth the wait due to the exquisite writing.

Book Blurb for Crown of Crystal Flame

Ellysetta Baristani has won the heart of the Fey King -- the magnificent Rain, her ally and her love -- fought at his side against the armies of Eld, and saved the offspring of the magical tairen. But the most powerful and dangerous Verse of her Song is yet to be sung. Now, as the final battle draws nigh and evil tightens its grip upon her soul, will Ellysetta and Rain complete their truemate bond and defeat the evil High Mage of Eld...or must they make the ultimate sacrifice to save their world?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 5.00