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Dead World 3

Gina Santiago, aka Red, is on the run. She’s gone after a major political player and he’s now made her a target even in the outlaw territories where she fled from the Republic of Arizona. With her is Morgan Hunter, sheriff of Nuria, a town of Others.
Morgan is a werewolf as is Gina. They are considered Others. Morgan was made during the last big war as a military weapon. Gina was born and she’s the first werewolf to be born, not made. Vampires are also Others as well as some other special people.
With Red and Morgan is vampire, Demery. He’s traveled the outlaw territories, no-mans land. His expertise is necessary in this dissolute hostile environment where the inhabitants have no problems killing strangers. Demery has more than being a guide on his mind. He has a mission of his own that he’s not sharing.
Following this small group are two other vampires, brothers who have totally separate goals. Michael works for the politician that they are fleeing. If he finds them, Michael will be granted relief from an implant. Rafael has joined Catherine a member of the IPTT, a military organization who is headed by Red’s grandfather. Rafael and Catherine are trying to locate Red to help her prove her innocence. Will family loyalties come into play?
This is the third book in a series. While you could probably read and enjoy this book without having read the first two books, it would make more sense if you had read them. 
This book is intense. The tension and drama are in every page. The struggles are real. It’s almost painful to read and while I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen, I had to take breaks to give myself some time to process everything.
The characters are awesome. They have unique personalities and traits. Catherine is known as Chaos because she gets a build up of power and then lets it go. Red has always had the structure of IPTT and being without it has her faltering occasionally. Rafael, Michael and Morgan were around before the big war. They remember an Earth with trees and animals and when Others were killed, no questions asked. With the different skills and histories, these characters mesh into a story that holds your attention.
While this futuristic suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat, there are several romantic interests developing. Red and Morgan have had a connection since day one but with Red unable to complete change into her wolf, can they overcome the obstacles that have been popping up or will she finally figure out how to change? Rafael has never cared about any human yet he in drawn to Chaos standing up for her even against his brother. Demery has a bond he hasn’t told anyone about. Will it be his salvation or his down fall?
This book is an excellent addition to this series. The world that Ms Summers has developed is scary and her details make it come to life. Her characters are strong and vital. The anticipation throughout keeps you turning pages as fast as you can. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to more books by this talented author.

Book Blurb for Crimson

On the run from the law, Gina ‘Red’ Santiago and Sheriff Morgan Hunter continue their search for the proof needed to clear their names. Unfortunately, the danger doesn’t just lie in No-Man’s-Land. Someone near to them is about to betray them for the Other blood running through their veins.


Politician Roark Montgomery is desperate. The election is near and he still hasn’t found the fugitives. Roark’s not above using the traitor in his midst to kill the two people that stand between him and political victory. It takes a predator to catch a predator.

Morgan’s and Red’s only option is to face the assault head on. With Roark, nothing is ever that easy, but they know two things he doesn’t: Love is worth dying for. And it’s never smart to corner a hungry wolf.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.75