Cowboys Mine

The introduction to this story drew my interest but unfortunately the story went downhill from there. The characters lacked depth and not only didn't keep my interest but felt overdone. Eva is a sheltered farm girl but even sheltered she doesn't seem to have ever gone on a date, visited a city not more than 2 hours from home and lacks female friends. Eva doesn't even seem able to do any real work on her family farm. North and Colton are suppose to be bad boys who drink, pick up women and run around town yet they sneak into Eva’s room to have heart to heart talks with her and platonically stay the night sneaking out in the morning. It’s hard to reconcile the two facets. Even the rodeo in the big city came off as unrealistic. This is a large rodeo and livestock show yet the midway closes at dark? Plus, Eva is expected to be back at the trailer by dark at 22 years old. It doesn't ring true and feels forced. Very little in this story felt probable even though the storyline seemed extremely interesting.

Eva plans on taking two cows to the big city rodeo in hopes of winning some prize money. She plans on going by herself but North and Colton have different ideas. They don’t want Eva loose in the city by herself as they are sure she’ll get herself into trouble. It doesn’t take much to convince her father of that fact and soon they are traveling together to the rodeo. Eva tries to spread her wings while North and Colton try to clip them. Who is going to win this contest?

Book Blurb for Cowboys Mine

Eva Ford lives a sheltered life on her small rural farm. At twenty-two, she feels the need to spread her wings and start her own life, planning a trip to the city to show her prized cows. Colton and North McReed from the next ranch over are determined to make sure she stays out of trouble.

Twin brothers, Colton and North, have always loved little Eva. She's their rock in life, the one pure thing in their otherwise dark existence. Their abusive father ran out on the family years ago and their mother suffers from a serious addiction. They never look at Eva with desire...until they spend a week alone with her in the city.

Everything changes when Eva and the cowboys realize just how deep their love for each other runs. Once their passion is unleashed, it's impossible to contain. But can their unorthodox relationship last? Will sex ruin the friendship of a lifetime?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, figging

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 3.00