The Cowboy and the Cougar

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The Cowboy and the Cougar

The Cougar Chronicles Book 1

Holly Taylor was having a really bad day, which is why she was having a martini at a bar. Nothing seemed to be going right today until a handsome cowboy buys her a drink. She didn’t want the drink as she had to drive home but after taking one look at the cowboy, she decides that she can get a room. With the looks that he was giving her, maybe he would join her even though he looked about 10 years younger than her 40 years. Yes, a night of wild sex would definitely cheer her up.
Only planning on this being a one night stand regardless of how great the sex was and regardless of the cowboy’s intention, Holly sneaks out of the room while the cowboy is still sleeping with neither knowing the others name.
Six months go by and Holly’s made several changes in her life. She’s quit the big law firm where she was on track for partner to open her own small office. She’s also started taking art classes, which was always her first love however impractical. She’s been told that she’s good and wonders where she would have been if she had followed this dream. Tonight, they are doing a male nude. Holly doesn’t mind drawing nudes but she’s shocked when it’s the cowboy! Her drawings from that class sure aren’t going to be seen by the professor.
Jack Sherwood is the cowboy and he really is a cowboy. He’s attracted to Holly and though he recognizes that there is an age difference, it doesn’t matter to him. All he wants is for Holly to give him a chance and he’ll do just about anything to get her to agree. 
Holly’s sure that Jack isn’t serious but she finds that she enjoys being with him. Maybe they can make it. But Holly has a secret that she hasn’t shared yet that might spoil everything.
I loved this book. What woman wouldn’t like a handsome man to buy her a drink, flatter her and give her a fantastic night of sex? And that’s he’s younger makes it even better, you know that he’s going to have more staying power than some old geezer!
The characters were wonderful. They each showed their vulnerable sides as well as their strengths. Jack remembers worrying about his son, Sam as an infant. Holly wants to be everything Jack wants and is scared she will fall short. They are real people and have real problems but also some very loving solutions.
The descriptions of places and activities were extremely good. Holly learning to ride was classic. You do bounce up and down until you learn to move with your horse. Visiting a coffee shop is a normal activity when getting to know someone and the fact that it wasn’t a Starbucks made it perfect in my eyes.
I found myself daydreaming of my own cowboy after finishing this book. The warm feelings that I got from reading it just didn’t want to go away. I wonder where I can find me one of those young cowboys…… Oh yeah, I’m married. But a girl can dream and this guy is definitely worth dreaming about. Lucky Holly.

Book Blurb for The Cowboy and the Cougar

A hot time with a gorgeous young cowboy is just what the doctor ordered for forty-year-old Holly Taylor. But after a night of amazing passion, she leaves discreetly. Life has other plans for her at the moment.

After the best sex of his life, single father Jack Sherwood isn’t ready to give up his mystery woman. When he runs into her several months later, he’s relentless in his pursuit, and he doesn’t care a whit about their eleven-year age difference.

Holly’s life has taken a new course since her first meeting with Jack, and she’s convinced she’s not what he and his adorable son need. Can her new friends at The Cougar Club persuade her to stop running? Or will she lose the best thing to ever happen to her?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 5.00