Corporate Seduction

Maybelline (May) Davenport works as an administrative assistant to Winston Biggers. Company policy is no fraternization between employees, especially those in management and those that work for them. This really doesn’t affect May as she has no desire to have anything to do with Win Biggers except maybe call him names which she does often though he does have some awesome blue eyes and a great body, for an asshole.

Win comes from money and expects to rise within the management ranks. He fully plans on taking Maybelline with him. He knows that she could do better than an admin assistant and knows that he is keeping her back but he really likes her, not that he will be doing anything about that. 
May has a dream of buying a house that will be big enough to move her grandmother and mother into. The problem is she’s not making enough money where she’s working and another of the policies is no moonlighting. A friend offers her the opportunity to work for cash at a club. It’s not like any club May has ever been to. The women dress in leather and beat the men! 
Madame Z says the men like it and are willing to pay big money for this type of treatment. She pays her employees cash and the amount is a lot more than May is making at her regular job! Though still very unsure of herself, May agrees to train under her friend.
Win sees lash marks on the back of one of the guys at his gym. Upon questioning him, Win learns of an exclusive, very private BDSM club. Win has never seen himself as subservient. In fact, when he was in the scene he was the Dom. Knowing he needs to get rid of his stress some how, he’s willing to check the place out. He’s just about ready to walk when he spies a woman that reminds him of Maybelline. Agreeing to pay the outrageous fees only if he gets that woman even though she’s still in training, Win makes arrangements to return to the club.
Can May keep her identity a secret? Win doesn’t want anyone to know he’s there either. But what would happen if they learn each others true identities? 
The premise of this book intrigued me. The power struggle between the two lead characters could make for some very interesting scenes and it does. Win is not naturally submissive but he’s willing to give it a try allowing readers to see that he is open minded. May is a strong woman who won’t be anyone’s slave but when Win goes to take charge, can she let him? More important, can they keep this a secret from not only work but Madame Z.
I liked the characters of May and Win. They seemed to be real. May wanting to take care of her family grounded her though it would have been nice to see her interact with them. Win seemed like a likeable guy but some of his behavior was pushing the limit on what even kinky guys should do while at work. I assumed that he wasn’t looking to get fired nor would he want May fired.
A couple of the other characters weren’t exactly my favorite. I liked Madame Z until her bizarre encounter with Win. At that point, she seemed to be a pathetic vindictive bitch. May’s friend, Princess was pure sadist. I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side! I’m not sure why these characters rubbed me the wrong way but they did.
This story was set in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. I have to say that it depicted that area fairly well. I would have like to have seen a few more landmarks but overall, it wasn’t bad.
There were racial overtones throughout this story. Part of that is because May is Black while Win is White. There were some issues that Win didn’t understand where May was coming from due to cultural understandings but they were explained which gives a richness to their relationship.
This was an interesting BDSM sexual romp. For some the BDSM depicted may be too sadistic at points. May thought so. An interesting twist was neither May nor Win are natural submissives yet each plays in that role and does it well. 
I have to admit that I enjoy reading about strong women regardless of their racial background but I don’t like to read about men that are doormats. I didn’t have that problem here. Both main characters are strong, intelligent people that enjoy a little kink in their lives.

Book Blurb for Corporate Seduction

# of pages or word count: 217 pages

Genre: Contemporary BDSM interracial erotic romance

Heat rating: 4 Novas

Newly revised edition!

Winston Biggers wanted a woman he couldn't control, nothing like his secretary. May Davenport thought that commanding alpha heroes only existed in her steamy romance novels, the opposite of her uptight boss. But when fate brings these two together, they learn that truth is kinkier than fiction.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.00