Conquered by the Highlander

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Conquered by the Highlander

Conquered Brides Series, #1

This book may be the first in a spin off series but it is sure to grab your attention and keep it. There’s no need to know anything about the series this one spun off of as it definitely stands by itself and it’s characters are outstanding individuals. And, it’s the characters that drive this story. They are unique and out spoken and unlike any you have probably read about. Brenna may be in a really bad place but she has an agenda and it doesn’t include cowering before anyone! Gabriel or Wolf isn’t happy about the idea of rescuing Brenna but he doesn’t expect her to question his motives. There is wonderful history intertwined throughout this romance and the flavor of Scotland seeps through every page. This is an outstanding historical romance that shows the fighting spirit Scots are known for and how a Scot fights for what he or she wants. I look forward to reading more of this series and how to see how Brenna is getting along.

Brenna has known violence since she was a child and her parents were killed in order to take over their lands. She was only a child when she was forced to marry and had her first child by 14. Now, her husband is dead and she has let the rumor spread that she did it. Her husband’s brother has locked her and her children into a tower. Brenna doubts they will leave alive. Wolf couldn’t care less about what is going on. It doesn’t matter to him. But, when Brenna’s cousin requests his aide, he can’t turn her down. He’s loved her for years even though she’s married to someone else. The plan is to collect Brenna and her children and turn them over to her cousin. However, plans have a way of changing.

Book Blurb for Conquered by the Highlander

First in the Stolen Brides spin-off series!

A hero determined to have it all...

After losing his betrothed to a Lowlander, Laird Gabriel MacKinnon is charged with saving her cousin along with a brood of children from an impenetrable castle. Though, the lady he’s been tasked to protect has been accused of a heinous crime, Gabriel has no fear of her. In fact, he’s a little irritated at the prospect of delivering her to her kin. But this hardened, cold warrior just may find his heart melting, for the hellion brings out a passionate side he’d thought long buried.

A lady who will stop at nothing to see him fail...

Lady Brenna has had more than her share of hardships and when freedom looks to be on the brink of her horizon, she’s not about to let some moody Highlander take it all away. She’ll stop at nothing to keep her children safe—and to guard her heart—even though the warrior’s heated kiss threatens to change every vow she’s ever made and every belief about love she’s ever known.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.50