Come And Get It

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Come And Get It

Dixie Rose Bonifay lives on a small ranch in Junction, TX. With her siblings, she runs a catering service for construction sites out a trailer. She serves good wholesome food that not only tastes good but is good for you. She goes that extra step for her customers, providing tables and chairs for their comfort while they eat. The guys appreciate it and keep an eye on Dixie. They don’t want her hurt. While Dixie appreciates their concern, it’s not like she’s a young virgin. Dixie is a young widow.
Quinn Halladay is an architect from Los Angeles, CA. He’s on a job site where Dixie is serving. His first impression is that she’s a bimbo. His second is he’d like to bed her! After being warned by the site foreman, he knows better than to offer an improper invitation, so he offers a proper one. What he doesn’t expect is an offer with no strings attached.
Dixie has been without a man for several years and Quinn seems like a safe bet. He’ll be going back to LA so why not have a little fun. What started out as fun, ends up being more for not only Dixie but Quinn. Compromises will have to be made but who’s going to make them?
This fun story is full of great characters besides the main ones! The town’s people aren’t going to let Quinn even date Dixie without putting him through a few tests first. This poor city boy isn’t sure what is going on with smelling things and flat tires and other minor mishaps. Dixie knows her customers and neighbors and gives the readers some insight on who might be behind these harmless pranks.
Dixie and Quinn are interesting. Dixie has a life she loves and won’t give up for anyone. Quinn is use to big cities and big jobs and can’t imagine anything else. Heck, Dixie even owns land that Quinn’s tried to buy for a project! While their lifestyles don’t exactly mesh, their bodies are telling them that they’re great together. As they learn to give and take, their personalities and desires are brought out.
I found this to be an entertaining story with the warmth of small town living and touches of humor along with a wonderful love story. It felt real and the characters came alive. The setting was well done. This would be a great beach book as it’s not too long.

Book Blurb for Come And Get It

Dixie Rose Bonifay was no stranger to grief but like any good Texas woman, she straightened her spine and got back to the business of making a living. And Dixie's business was food. At first glimpse, Quinn Halladay takes the petite, blonde, roach coach owner as a blue-collar bimbo, until he discovers she owns the ranch land his boss has been trying to purchase. Determined to get her to sell, he soon learns there's more to this Texas rose than meets the eye. Wooing her won't be easy, not with every construction worker in Kimble County looking out for her.

Genre: Western Erotic Romance
Cover Artist: Anstasia Rabiyah
Book Length: Novella
Heat Level: Hot
Word Count: 13,000

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 3.75