Colters' Promise

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Colters' Promise

Colters' Legacy Book 4

Lily is scared that she might be pregnant. After losing her first daughter to SIDS and her married falling apart, she doesn’t want to chance losing another child or having her current marriage stressed. It’s not that the three men she calls husband have given any indication that they wouldn’t be totally supportive in whatever happens in life; it’s that Lily is scared.

Callie and Max are pretty much always together which is why Callie is surprised that when Max’s sister, Lauren calls for help Max doesn’t ask her to come along. Maybe he should have as Lauren has been abused by her boyfriend. Max wants Lauren to come home with him but she doesn’t want to. In the meantime, Callie has fallen sick and can’t wait until Max comes home. Furious that he left Lauren behind, she returns with Max to get her. However, that changes their relationship dynamics. Can they get back on track?

Holly can’t cook. Her three husbands have been doing all the cooking since she joined them. This year though she wants to shock everyone by making Christmas dinner. With Lily’s help, Holly plans on making a dinner her family won’t forget. Now, will it be edible?

For those readers that follow Maya Bank’s Colter family all of these characters will sound familiar because they are. This is a wonderful book that brings you up to date on what is going on in the family and truly brings Lauren into the fold so she can have a book later. Though those who have not read this series may not have all the backstory for each “couple”, they will find this book to be a heartwarming story about family and love.

The characters are wonderful. Each character grows and evolves as their lives change and their relationships become more solid. Lily has adjusted to having three husbands who care about her but she still has issues from her past that keep intruding. Max and Callie have been learning to trust one another after their shaky start. Once again, the importance of communication is stressed as Dominant Max worries that some of things that go on in his and Callie’s relationship could be seen as abuse. Holly is the center of this family and that too comes across through her over protective husbands keep tabs on her and her children realize that even though they are grown they listen to mom.

The basic theme of this book is the power of love. Each character is able to express their love towards their spouse(s), their siblings, their extended family and everyone who they come in contact with. It’s as if their love multiplies as they extend its reaches. Love may not fix all problems but it helps to get through life’s ups and downs.

This is an absolutely wonderful book and a great addition to the Colter’s Legacy series. It’s only a little over 200 pages but reads so quickly that it will seem like you just started it when it ends. No one is shorted as this story lets up enjoy Christmas time with the Colter family. It’s almost as if you are there! Though there are not a lot of sex scenes, they aren’t needed as this story is perfect just the way it is.

Though set at Christmas time, this book is perfect for any time of the year. This is a must read for fans of this series and would be a pleasant teaser for those who have not read it. (Don’t be surprised that you must find the previous three books and read about how these amazing “couples” came together.)

Book Blurb for Colters' Promise

An all-new chapter in an extra ordinary romance

Return to the captivating storytelling of New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks, and her stirring saga of three brothers and one indomitable woman--of wounded hearts, family, and forgiveness...

When it came to overcoming the odds of a tragic past, Lily was determined to move on. The three Colter brothers helped her do it. They taught her new ways to love, new dreams to share, and offered her a new life that she never thought possible.

Now is a time for celebration, and what better way than with a long-awaited family reunion, a homecoming that will bring together the entire Colter family and a few surprises no one anticipated.

But first, there's still something from Lily's past she still needs to reconcile--even when all the while she is holding close to her heart a newfound secret that will change her future, forever enrich the Colter legacy, and make every promise come true.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.50