Code Wolf

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Code Wolf

The Macconwood Pack Series Book 3

This paranormal romance has an unlikely main character, a super nerd. Okay, he also turns into a wolf but still his life revolves around computers. His name is Randall and his character is fantastic. You get a good feeling as to who he is and his background which allows you to visualize him easily. His mate is totally human and a single mother. But there is more to this romance than just two people thrown together and finding love. Mixed into this story is a mystery, a secret and trouble. There are also some fun scenes and a few sensual ones. I have to say this story kept my attention and I really enjoyed seeing where it was going. I had a few shocks at events I never expected but they really enhanced the story. This story is part of a series but can definitely be read without having read any of the other books. It truly is about the characters in this one with the series more as a background. If you like nerds and them unexpectantly falling in love, you’ll enjoy this story about a wolf and his mate.

The Story: Randall doesn’t want to go on vacation, doesn’t think he needs a vacation and is going on one anyway. His friends arranged it all but Randall plans on working as long as he has Internet. Tulla has been asked to disable her Internet while Randall is her guest. She will for a few days but she does need it for her own needs. Can Randall find other things to keep him occupied without Internet? Tulla and her young son are going to try to help him but will they be able to?

Book Blurb for Code Wolf

"He never thought of himself as a family man, but sometimes things changed... "

Randall Graves spends most of his time writing lines of code in his air-conditioned office at Macconwood Manor. He’d rather be alone than risk involvement of any kind. Everything was going fine, until his Alpha sends him on a forced vacation.

It's all good with Randall, as long as there's WIFI at the small, beachfront, bed and breakfast in Bloody Point, South Carolina. He could work and get some sun at the same time, but he wasn't counting on Tulla Nirvelli. The beautiful single mother owned and operated the small B &B with her seven-year old son.

Charmed by the small island and the young family, Randall finds himself enjoying his time at the Sea Mist Bed & Breakfast. When trouble starts brewing for Tulla and her son, Randall is ready to jump in, but that means revealing his secret. Will she accept the truth about him?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2017 4.50