Club Wonderland

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Club Wonderland

Club Wonderland will reacquaint you with some characters from Ms d’Abo’s Sexcapades story. While this is not a sequel, it does roughly tie in with it but it can be read without having read Sexcapades.

Ever have such an interest in a guy that you’ll follow him while out clubbing? You might end up some place you never expected which is what happens to Alice. Who would ever expect a lawyer to head into a BDSM club? Out of place but definitely curious, Alice ends up participating in a scene with the man she followed, Gael. Gael needs to keep this part of his life very private and can’t play with anyone from the office so why can’t he walk away from Alice? Secrets need to be kept but will they be kept? What is going to happen and can Alice be who Gael needs?

Romantic and family orientated which isn’t often said about a BDSM romance. Yet, family is a big part of Gael’s life and Alice’s mother likes to take an active role in hers. This does not distract from the story but rather enhances it while making Alice and Gael more real. While this is a shorter story, there is a lot going on including glimpses into what was happening in Sexcapdes from Alice’s point of view. That doesn’t mean that you get the entire story of Sexcapades though so you’ll still have to read it but if you haven’t the glimpses will get you interested. Anyway, back to Club Wonderland. There is plenty of depth and lots of hot sexual and sensual scenes. From the beginning to the end, I was captivated and wanted more. Club Wonderland intrigued me and I hope to visit there again. Some things were unexpected, like the owner of Club Wonderland, which only brought more interest to an already interesting story. I absolutely loved this story.

Book Blurb for Club Wonderland

Alice White isn't used to being ignored. So when the object of her lust does just that, she's bound and determined to get his attention. Her pursuit leads her to Wonderland, the kind of club she's only read about, and suddenly Alice is craving something she never knew she needed.

Gael Hernandez wants to be the youngest partner at his prestigious law firm, and not even a certain tempting legal assistant can distract him from his goal of financially helping his family. Until she shows up at his favorite club and surprises him with an interest in being restrained. But the BDSM lifestyle is no game to him, and he won't take things further until Alice is schooled into submission.

After a taste, Alice wants more. She offers to be Gael's sub for one weekend, with nothing forbidden and no boundaries. In a few short days, he gives her the strength to be the person she's always wanted to be. Now Alice just needs to convince Gael that he can dominate in the bedroom, and submit to love.

58,000 words

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 5.00