Christmas in Cornwall

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Christmas in Cornwall

I started this book and by the third page I wasn’t too sure what I got myself into. However, I continued reading and soon found myself enjoying a wonderful tale about a family and their interactions with a small group of nuns as well as a few select individuals. The characters were real and their problems came across as believable. Everything from a cheating husband to a questionable land deal to an elderly wondering nun comes together to form a yearlong time of transition. Contrary to what the title may suggest, the book does cover an entire year, not just Christmas. I did not find this book to be particularly Christmasy or a holiday story. Chapters are broke down into the church year, not the calendar year so instead of being numbered they are named things like advent, Michaelmas, etc. Though about a group of nuns, do not expect a lot of religious stuff to show up. Yet there are quotes from the Bible and some faith related scenes but for the most part, this is about a regular family with normal problems. From teen to senior, this story would be enjoyable for the entire family.

Clem lives with his 4 year old son, Jakey on the grounds of a nunery where Clem is employed. About 30 minutes away lives his mother, Dossie and his grandparents, Mo and Pa. It looks perfect but it isn't. The nuns are down to only 4 members, one in her 90's and the other 3 just not as elderly. The nuns feel as if they are no longer able to run the nunery. Unknown to them, there is someone trying to get the property for free based on a 200 year old will. This book will take you through all these character's lives over the course of a year. Learn how the nuns decide to take care of their problem and watch Jakey grow-up surrounded by those that love him.

This is a very heart warming story.

Book Blurb for Christmas in Cornwall

The tender story of a boy, his father, his grandmother, and the bond they form over Christmas—an instant holiday classic 

As Christmas approaches, Clem and his five-year-old son, Jakey, move to be closer to Clem's mother, Dossie, in Cornwall. Clem realizes that he has to be strong to keep his family together. Forming a slightly unconventional family setup with Dossie, Jakey, and Clem are the jovial nuns of the local convent. But when an unexpected event threatens to destroy the nuns' way of life, will everyone still be together next Christmas? Beloved novelist Marcia Willett's gentle and compassionate holiday tale will touch the hearts of parents and grandparents everywhere.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 3.50