Cat's Howl

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Cat's Howl

The Macconwood Pack Series Book 2

I had to appreciate the humor in this story almost immediately. Cat is a wolf shifter who purrs like a cat. Not only do I find that funny but I wonder why a parent would name their wolf child for a feline. Anyway, Cat is more than a purring wolf and she wants to be taken seriously as the well trained wolf she is. That is the basis to this interesting paranormal romance that becomes hot and steamy quickly. Much of the steaminess is due to Tate, Cat’s brother’s best friend and the man Cat has always had a crush on. Chases, death threats and so much more add interest to this fast paced story. I fell in love with it quickly and really enjoyed the world that was created. There are other stories set in this world but this is the first that I read and I found that it definitely stands on its own. It will have you wanting to know more about this interesting werewolf pack.

The Story: Cat grew up following her brother and his best friend, Tate. She knows she saw more than she should have especially when they were teens. When her brother became pack alpha, she was sure he would ask her to be part of his Wolf Guard. Instead, he still sees her as his baby sister, as does Tate. Now, when there is a threat, instead of asking for Cat’s help she gets a bodyguard, Tate! As they head for a safe place, Cat wonders if she can hide the attraction she still has. This could become really uncomfortable!

Book Blurb for Cat's Howl

Cat Maccon, was always a handful, even as a pup.

Will spunky Werewolf, Cat Maccon, find true love with her brother's Wolf Guard, Tate Nighthawk, or is it too late for them?

Targeted by their enemies, Cat is assigned her own personal bodyguard. The one Wolf in the Pack who won’t be taken in by her wily ways, Tate Nighthawk himself.

Alone and on the run, without any way to contact the outside world, their tumultuous past catches up with them. Will true love win?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2017 4.50