Captivating Melody

Discord's Desire Book 1

At first I thought I’d get confused with all the different types of characters being thrown at me right from the start but I actually had no trouble at all and fell in love with all of them. This is an awesome paranormal romance that has so much going on. First, the characters are awesome. Each is unique and has their own style within their fae background. That is except Liz who isn’t fae and isn’t sure exactly what she is. There is much more to that part of the story too as this is a complex book with many layers. Another part of this book is the mystery of who is out to kill Kieran and why. For that there is a simple answer and a more complex one too. It reminds me of an onion with more revealed as you peal back each layer. And, this is a romance so in the mist of all these real life issues, Kieran is trying to get Liz to give him a chance. This really is an incredible book and I hope there are more stories to come. I love the world, the characters and the way Ms. McIntyre writes.

After a life time of never fitting in Liz has finally found a place she belongs. She’s the band manager of a unique band made up of various fae. She isn’t affected by their glamour or their powers which means she can honestly deal with them. Under her management the band is thriving. Everything is fine until the lead singer, Kieran, decides he wants more from Liz. She wants to keep it all business while he wants to see where a relationship will go. When Kieran has someone trying to kill him, Liz knows that she may not have a chance to make any decisions. Where will this go?

Book Blurb for Captivating Melody

~Editor's Pick~

Cross a satyr, a siren, and an incubus with rock and roll, and you get Discord’s Desire, a band of panty-dropping hellions whose live shows incite orgies. As booking manager, Liz O’Brien has the monumental task of keeping the boys in line. She’s resistant to glamour of the fae and fame variety, which only makes her more tempting to lead singer, Kieran Blackmore. With his incubus charms, he could have any girl he wants—except Liz, who’s determined to stay professional.

However, when Kieran’s brother sends hitmen after the band, Liz discovers hunters with her abilities who are mortal enemies of the fae. Mercenaries might attack post-show, but Liz has her Beretta to handle that. What terrifies her more than any monster is how she’s falling for Kieran, which triggers every ‘run-away’ sensor in her foster kid handbook. With war brewing between the hunters and the fae, their love can only end in heartbreak.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 5.00