Can You Canoe? And Other Adventure Songs

This book and cd definitely go together. The book has the lyrics of all of the songs on the cd. Each lyric has it’s own page and illustrations which are outstanding. They are fun, colorful and full of detail which should keep any child’s interest. They lyrics are equally fun. Each song was inspired by one of three trips made by the songwriters, Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing. They want their songs to inspire children to go out into the world and explore, make up songs and discover nature. So they ask: I’m wondering if you’d go wandering with me….. In the preface, they say take the book out with you camping, etc. but unless you’ve heard the cd several times you probably won’t know the tunes that go with the lyrics. However, I’d say these are great songs to play while getting ready to go on a family trip. That said, the music sounds to me a lot like Appalachian folk music….very country. So, if you are into heavy medal or rap or something like that, this may sound really off to you. Country fans will probably love it. Kids will like the easy lyrics as well as the great pictures in the book. Another neat thing is there is a map of the USA and they have location signs on where each song was inspired. Even after listening to the cd a couple of times and reading the book as many, I’m still not sure how to rate this book. I can see where it might spark creativity in some and boor others out of their minds. Yet, the music and the book are excellent at what they are.

Book Blurb for Can You Canoe? And Other Adventure Songs

I'm wondering if you'd go wandering with me

Through the wilderness and woods

To where the winds are blowin’ free.

The Grammy® Award-winning Okee Dokee Brothers—Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing—celebrate the beauty of nature and the joys of being outdoors and unplugged. Their family-friendly music aims to inspire parents and kids to get outside and get creative.Can You Canoe? journeys cross-country in 12 songs, from the rolling hills of Appalachia in the east to the canyons and campfires of the West. Along the way, The Okee Dokee Brothers’ irresistible, boot-stompin’ tunes invite kids to wander through the woods and wilderness, where they’ll discover hungry black bears and tall-tale spinners; quiet canoes and cozy camping tents; a jumpin’ jamboree and a bullfrog opera. Brandon Reese’s lively illustrations, and a CD to sing along with, will make this set a children’s classic.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.00