Calling All Villains

Otherworld Book 1

"Calling All Villains" is a super fast paced story that you really have to pay attention to or you’re going to get lost. Yes, it is that complex. There are lots of characters though the main ones are Alexander, his partner Pan, Stefen and Aneen. Each is a different type of creature with different powers. Throughout this story there are every creature imaginable and they almost all have some impact on what is happening. Though there is plenty of sex, the romance is more understated. This story is more a paranormal adventure with sexual elements. It’s also a fight between good and evil; where the evil isn’t where you thought it was and the good comes when you don’t expect it. There are fights and flights, family and friends and unexpected things that pop up all over the place. The biggest down fall in this book is the lack of depth. I felt as if it could have been more complex with more layers had is been a bit longer. Regardless, it was fun to read. And, there is a bonus story at the end which gives you more insight on this interesting world.

The Story: Aneen knows that people are trying to kill her and/or kidnap her. This has been a fact for her entire life which is why she has bodyguards. Stefen is her favorite and the one most loyal. When a prince supposedly is injured trying to save Aneen, Stefen is not exactly trusting. This is good because the prince is actually a half vampire who is working with a partner to kidnap Aneen for ransom. As the prince gets to know Aneen, he begins to change his mind. However, his partner doesn’t know this and takes her. Can the prince help save her or will her bodyguard just kill him?

Book Blurb for Calling All Villains

Some want to use her.

Some want to kill her.

I’m just looking to get paid.

Every year there’s a call for all villains to attempt to kidnap the not so human princess. Being half vampire gives me an advantage but when I meet Aneen things don’t go as planned with her or the suspicious, sexy bodyguard, Stefen. Then she’s kidnapped by my partner. With Stefen’s help, we go on a perilous journey to save the princess. I never expected to find my conscious along the way or reveal a terrible secret hidden in history.

In a world of shape shifters, fairies, selkies and mermen, a war is brewing. The fate of Otherworld stands on the brink of destruction. Can a violent half vampire, a stubborn bodyguard, and half goddess princess save this magical world?

**Includes the Bonus Story: Lovart’s Guide to Traveling Otherworld.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, anal sex

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.00