Calling All Heroes

Otherworld Book 2

This is the second half of a story that started with the previous book Calling All Villains. It would be best read after reading the previous book though you may be able to make sense of this story with a bit of imagination. This a story about good against evil causing a civil war and stretching loyalties. As creatures that you thought were only part of your imagination line up to fight, you learn that some will not participate in this upcoming war while others will take major parts. In between all the war talks and fights are lots of sex scenes between the princess and her two husbands. There is also a kidnapping and plenty of small disagreements. At some points I felt the author was more into the sex than the fight so realize that you don’t get too many pages that aren’t sexual in some way. Yet, the battles are epic and the ending great. I do think that this and the previous story should have been put together into one book as the stories are not that long. There are short bonus stories at the end of each that are nice. I enjoyed this short story and its characters and wouldn’t mind reading more stories set in this unique and interesting world.

Events have started a war that will only end when either Princess Aneen is dead or her mother, Queen Aralynn, is. Only one can rule! It is known that the Queen is cruel and selfish. Can the Princess convince people that she will be a better ruler? She’ll need her new husbands help to make that happen and even so there is no guarantee that they won’t all be killed!

Book Blurb for Calling All Heroes

Some want to use her.

Some want to kill her.

I just want to protect her, both heart and body.

Princess Aneen has been the love of my life since childhood. It took a half vampire and the kidnapped princess to bring us to the brink of war. Through the dangerous fairy lands and over vampire-infested mountains, we haven’t even come to the battle yet. Queen Aralynn is intent on ruling this magical land with fear and pain. We have to fight for our lives. We have to fight for each other.

Banshee’s, fairies, vampires, and trolls litter the battle field, ready to fight. When the smoke clears, which queen will be on the throne?

Bonus story included: The Queen’s Kingdom: Orgies and Assassins

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, anal sex, orgies, bondage, forced seduction

Night Owl Reviews May, 2018 4.00