Cajun Blue

Elle Grayson is right where she wants to be professionally. She getting ready to begin a new position as Vice President of Communications for Belle Femme, a cosmetics company located in New Orleans. That doesn’t mean that she won’t visit her hometown of Columbus, Oh just that she won’t be living there full time and she’s going to have to change her lifestyle. 

Elle is also known as Ms Scarlett in the B&D scene where she is a submissive. She’s also sure that Belle Femme wouldn’t want this side of her to be known. That’s why Elle’s debating about an exclusive BDSM party she’s been invited to. Still, what a way to leave town!
Remy “Blue” DeLaughter is from a large Cajun family located in the Bayou Country of Louisiana. He partnered with his good friend from college, Peter Gallinos and together they run an up and coming company. Blue is visiting Peter in OH from LA and is attending a BDSM party Peter is hosting. All the skinny blondes may want to pick him up but Blue likes curvy brunettes.
As Blue is taking a turn as the doorman collecting invitations, he sees a beautiful brunette that he can’t wait to get to know better. Ms Scarlett finds the doorman attractive but he’s just the doorman, isn’t he? Is she willing to take the chance to find out?
A majority of this story takes place during Peter’s party where Blue and Ms Scarlett learn more than each others “name”. Blue is a Dom that knows his way around a submissive’s wants and needs and makes sure that Ms Scarlett is not left wanting.
The sex is hot! Actually that is an understatement. It’s really hot. And it’s also very well written as you read about Blue and Ms Scarlett exploring their limits within a very short time period.
This is a fairly short story, only about 70 pages. I really wish it had been longer as I liked Blue and Elle and wanted more of their story. Still, the ending gave the reader the ability to fantasize about what could happen next which is also nice. 
This was a perfect slice of romance that you sometimes need in this hectic world we live in. The story is short enough to read very quickly and interesting enough to keep your full attention. There is enough story that you don’t feel like you’re reading straight porn and enough sex to really titillate your wilder side. 
When you need a good quickie, this story will definitely fulfill your needs.

Book Blurb for Cajun Blue

Elle Grayson is a woman with a taste for bondage and handsome men who know how to wield a paddle. Using the name Ms. Scarlet, she attends a B&D party with the intention of finding a man to satisfy her dark, sensual nature for a one-night stand.
Remy “Blue” DeLaughter is a Cajun with a taste for the dangerous and an eye for sexy, curvaceous women. While attending his business partner’s party, he finds the woman of his bondage dreams, only to have her slip away in the night. He wants her for a lifetime. Finding her is the problem…
Publisher’s Note: Originally published in the R.S.V.P.anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.50