Boyfriend Material

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Boyfriend Material

The Man Catalog Book 2

This is another book in the SASS-Singles Arrangement Service Specialists. Each stands alone so you don’t have to read them in order or all of them. The previous book in this series, I really liked. This one, not so much. I did not find Grace or Ty likeable or relatable. Grace felt as if she were forcing herself to act in a certain way and when she was dropping the act, we were only told that she talked with Ty or did something. The interaction was missing most of the time so the real Grace never really shone. Ty swore he didn’t jump into his date’s beds, but it didn’t take much for him to jump into Grace’s! Also, I’ve never known anyone to be able to tell someone is Italian by their coloring as most Italians pretty much look like everyone else. Truly most of the characters were disagreeable and I could not find a connection between Grace and Ty. Though there is a happy ending, I felt the story lacked the depth and emotions that it could have had.

The Story: Grace divorced her husband after he was found to be embezzling from the company he worked at. However, after 3 years of marriage Grace was used to the good life. She is a clothes designer and has a shop but much of her business money is part of her ex’s frozen assets. She been invited to a weekend in Barbados with the rich circle of friends she’s hung out with. She plans on going to see if she can get some financial help but she’s not going without a good looking man on her arm. Ty is trying to make ends meet. While he’s young and good looking, he signs up for SASS. He makes good money for little work. So, when offered a weekend trip to Barbados he’s all for it. Can he pull it off? And, can Grace get what she wants?

Book Blurb for Boyfriend Material

~Editor's Pick~

Need a date? Or a temporary boyfriend? How about a husband in a hurry? The professionals at SASS—Singles Arrangement Service Specialists—are here to help.

Grace Bennington used to live the good life: from cocktail waitress to the heights of society via a rich husband, it all came crashing down when he went to prison. Now, she’s left alone with their elitist friends—wealthy, contemptuous sharks circling her as she drowns. During a weekend in Barbados, she needs a hot man on her arm to save face.

Tybalt “Ty” Rossi is a Greek-Italian store owner trying to make ends meet. One of the ways is to sell his services to needy women. Being dumped in the same pool with a bunch of sneering snobs is a job hazard he’s not prepared for, but at least Grace and Ty connect on a deeper level—and they’re going to need each other’s help to stay afloat on this trip.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 3.00