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The Mastered Series, #1

Awesome! Fantastic! I’ve always loved Lorelei James’s cowboys but they are going to have to make room for one very sexy sensei! This is a total departure from Ms. James’s popular series but it shows what a master storyteller she is. I quickly got wrapped up in this intense story and was so sad to see it end that I immediately reread it! It was just as good the second time around. Suddenly, I’m in a world with dojos, martial arts and a mysterious man. Emotions fly off the page as Amery and Ronin work on figuring out their attraction and relationship. Secondary characters are interesting and necessary for this story to work. I’m really hoping some of them will get their own book! Explanations of erotic rope work are put into the story naturally so that even someone who has never heard of such a thing will understand what it is. Bound is about bondage and there is mention of BDSM but don’t expect a BDSM story because this isn’t one. It is an exceptional erotic romance with Japanese influence and some violence. Though there is not a typical happy ending, read this book. I can’t stress enough how much I thoroughly and completely enjoyed it and can’t wait for more.

Amery has agreed to attend a self-defense class with her employee, Molly. What she doesn’t expect is to have to sign up for the class herself and attracting the attention of the owner. Ronin hasn’t felt this attraction to a woman in years but Amery intrigues him. Ronin decides to become Amery’s partner in class but can he interest her in after class activities?

Book Blurb for Bound


In the new Mastered series by New York Times bestselling author Lorelei James, a woman’s desire to shatter her inhibitions leaves her unprepared for where that erotic journey will take her?.

Former small-town girl Amery Hardwick is living her dream as a graphic designer in Denver, Colorado. She’s focused on building her business, which leaves little time for dating?not that she needs a romantic entanglement to fulfill her. When her friend signs up for a self-defense class as part of her recovery after an attack, Amery joins her for support. That’s where she meets him.

Ronin Black, owner of the dojo, is so drawn to Amery that he takes over her training?in public and in private. The enigmatic Ronin pushes Amery’s boundaries from the start, and with each new tryst, Amery becomes addicted to the pleasure and to him. But when Amery senses Ronin is hiding something, she questions her total trust in him, despite the undeniable thrill of his possession?.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 5.00