Bound For You

Men in Blue Book 6

This is the 6th and final book in the Men in Blue series. It would be best if you read at least a few of the previous books prior to reading this one only because otherwise you would not understand the back story about Sex Offender, how these characters met or some of the dynamics that are in this book. However, don’t let that stop you from picking this book up. For fans of this series, this is an awesome ending with lots of emotional pulls. It is also so much more than just three adults trying to figure out their relationships. It’s about a little girl who has been exploited and the people who love her. The tension between all the characters just jumps off the page making it almost impossible to put this book down. The sex scenes are more than hot, they are scorching. And, while it saddened me that this is the end of this series, the next series Ms Rylon is working on makes a sneak appearance at the end of this book. Maybe we’ll see some of these characters worked into that one. Regardless, this is a great book all by itself and well worth reading. Expect to cry, laugh and cringe before it is all over. But remember, there will be a happy ending!

Ben and Ryan met while under the influence of a drug called Sex Offender. While Ryan has had sex with men before, it was a first time experience for Ben and while Ben may be attracted to Ryan, he’s decided that he won’t act on it. Ryan wishes Ben would as he really needs him. Both men are attracted to Shari. Ryan’s dream is a menage. Ben thinks she needs to pick one of them. Adding to their issues is a cute little girl, Ben’s niece. In the matter of hours, things go haywire as Ryan goes with Shari leaving Ben behind, Ben’s niece disappears and chaos reigns. You won’t be able to put this intense book down until the end.

Book Blurb for Bound For You

An MMF Bisexual Menage BDSM Romantic Suspense Novel

Ben has lived through hell. He only survived captivity and torture by the brutes who’d been attempting to develop Sex Offender, a potent aphrodisiac used as a date rape drug, because of the guy he met—and fell in lust with—in the drug lord’s dungeons.

Ryan became Ben’s roommate after they escaped. His nearness is constantly tempting Ben to force Ryan to submit to his dark desires. Disgusted by how similar that makes him to their captors, he’s managed to hold off so far. How long can he keep his cravings for Ryan’s sexy body at bay?

On top of that, they both seem to be falling for the same woman. If Ben has reservations about unleashing his sexual appetites on Ryan then that goes double for Shari, who is entirely too sweet and inexperienced for either of them. Or so Ben thinks.

When Shari teams up with Ryan to change Ben’s mind, it seems like Ben might consider turning their three-way fling into something serious. Until a threat to Ben’s niece reminds them that it’s not always possible to keep those you love safe. After losing his sister in the Sex Offender scandal, Ben might never be ready to take that risk again.

None of them could have realized they were bound for something greater than a traditional partner in life, but Shari and Ryan are sure the three of them will benefit from the love of not one, but two, strong, giving soul mates who can help them leave the darkness of their past behind.

Will they be able to convince Ben that living fully is better than living cautiously?

This book can be read as a standalone novel. There are appearances by secondary characters featured in prior books in the series which you may enjoy more when read in order, but everything you need to know to enjoy this story is contained in this book.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2016 5.00