Boots and Roses

Ugly Stick Saloon, Book 5

The Ugly Stick Saloon has some wonderful stories coming out of it and this one in no exception. Though there is lots of sex, it’s basically a wonderful romantic romance story. Of course, it’s not just your run of the mill romance either as two men try to capture the attention of one lady. Yep, it’s ménage at its best. And while the sex is hot, it’s the emotional pull that keeps you reading. Characters from previous stories appear in this one including a previous sexual partner of one of the men! This moment could have been really bad but it comes out good. And, I’ll never look at the county fair the same way again. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and was sorry to see it end so quickly. But, everyone seems to show up at the Ugly Stick Saloon at some point so I can hope to see this trio in a future book.

Two men have been trying to get Bunny Leigh’s attention but she doesn’t see it. She sees herself as an old, divorced woman while they see her as a slightly older, sexy lady that they want to know better. Best friends, Cory and Jack see themselves with Bunny by themselves but they are willing to share if that’s what it takes to keep their friendship and get the woman they both want. When Bunny wins a bachelor auction and a date with both men, she’s sure that once the date is over that will be the end of their attentions. However, the men aren’t giving up that easily. Bunny’s ex puts in several appearances in this story just to cause trouble but he can also threaten Bunny’s business. This makes for an emotionally intense story that will have you unable to set this book down.

Book Blurb for Boots and Roses

Coming once, coming twice…SOLD!

Bunny Leigh really shouldn’t care that her ex is days away from getting remarried. Yet the fact he’s getting hitched to the woman he cheated on her with stings more than she cares to admit.

It’s that sting that drives her to impulsively throw a bid in the annual Ugly Stick Saloon Cowboy Auction. To her surprise, she lands not only one of the best-looking men in the tri-county area, but two. The prospect of keeping up with two younger men has the shy florist quaking in her flower pots.

Little does she know, best friends Cory McBride and Jack Monahan made doubly sure their favorite florist won them both. But now they have their work cut out for them, convincing her they want more than one steamy night. They want a chance at forever.

Warning: A cop, a cowboy and a flower shop owner make the petals fly! And look what happens when the Ferris wheel stops at the top. Bring a fan, the heat’s rising at the Ugly Stick Saloon.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 5.00