Bonded Pair

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Bonded Pair

Cascadia Wolves, #6

This previously published story is worth reading again. It hasn’t changed from the first time it was released but it’s a really good story. Though it isn’t real long, it is extremely interesting and feels as if it is a full length book. Megan and Shane are stubborn, opinionated and passionate. They are also very opposite of some issues like where to live. Readers will relate to many of the issues this couple faces, even if they are werewolves. For fans of this series, characters from the other books in this series make appearances. I really enjoyed reading this story. I loved how Shane isn’t really sure how to be a werewolf. Better still, I love how Megan doesn’t back down from what she knows is right. This is a fantastic story that everyone should love.

Megan really didn’t want to attend her cousin’s wedding. Still, she needs to be there as the pack Enforcer. Hopefully she won’t kill any of her packmates. Her mother sees this as an opportunity for Megan to possibly find her mate. Shane is also attending this wedding. He knows he isn’t looking for a mate. He has no plans to do much with his wolf cousins. He plans on marrying a human and continuing to live as one. So, what happens when these two very different people realize that they are mates?

Book Blurb for Bonded Pair

Previously published under a different title 

A Cascadia Wolves novella  

Megan Warden, Seattle's devoted Enforcer of the Cascadia pack, knows that she has a mate. Somewhere. She's just never found him. Then there he is at her cousin's wedding. Megan isn't just drawn to the werewolf's masculine, head-spinning scent—she's consumed by it. He seems so perfect, there has to be a catch… 

With a successful practice in Las Vegas, Dr. Shane Rosario has lived outside the pack since he was born. Raised to hide his wolf in shame, he always assumed he'd marry a human. 

Until Megan. Shane thrills to the ease with which she wears her wolf, and he craves every inch of her. But the idea of forever could be impossible. He's not willing to abandon his human life—even for a mate. 

Something's got to give. Because this time, even destiny may not be enough to bind them. 


This book is approximately 44,000 words 


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Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 4.50