Blood Sister

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Blood Sister

Mark Matthews is a dentist in Orlando, FL. He’s lived in Florida since he was 12 years old and his mother married Peter. He’s married to Jill, a lawyer but their marriage is in trouble. On his birthday, a good 20 years since he’d moved to Fl, Mark’s past has returned and involved him in things he thought were long gone.
Mark came from Detroit, MI where he and his mother lived in a project. Life was great there with his best friend, Johnny Sturlacky living next door. They had been best friends since Mark was 4.
Johnny is a girl, not a girly girl but a rough and tough one. She’s a leader and Mark is always willing to follow. She’s beat up almost all the kids their age and pretty much runs the projects. 
Their life changed forever right after Mark’s 12th birthday. Johnny and Mark attempted to run away to California, Mark because he didn’t want to move to FL and Johnny due to her horrible home life. While running from some thugs, they are hit by a car. The next day, Mark moves to FL never knowing what happened to Johnny.
Now, Mark is willing to kill for his best friend, vowing never to let her down again.
This book is amazing. It drew me in and just wouldn’t let me go. I couldn’t put it down.
The characters were extremely well written. You felt as if you knew them and understood what they were going through. 
The intensity of the drama was gripping and held you in its grasp refusing to let go.
This is not the type of book that I normally read and at first there were a few minor issues that annoyed me like the lack of racial diversity in Detroit’s projects. Yet, I couldn’t seem to stop reading and within a few chapters the annoyances became such a minor issue that I pretty much ignored them.
Many books have twists and turns in their plot. Blood Sister has them too but with very unique twists and turns. I was pleasantly surprised on how Mr Denny pulled off the ending. It definitely was not cookie cutter!
I’m not sure how to classify this book or if it’s even possible. It has the innocence of childhood along with the violence of gang warfare. It has the loyalties of close friends and the betrayal of those you think are close to you. There’s a mystery, some suspense, a bit of love and a lot of excellent writing. 
This book needs to come with a warning sign and not just against the violence throughout it. WARNING: You may not get anything done once starting this story until it is finished.

Book Blurb for Blood Sister

Blood Sister is an action packed story about two best friends, who as children, made a promise that was sealed with blood to be together forever, but little did they know that their pact would indeed keep them together, even through death.

Mark Mathews, a dentist in his early thirties, lives in Florida with his high-maintenance wife, who can't stand him. On the night of his thirty-second birthday, Mark receives a letter slipped under his front door that explains how his childhood friend, Johnny Sturlacky, a street-wise tomboy, needs his help. It's been twenty years since he's seen or heard from her, but the letter reminds Mark of a promise he made that was sealed with blood, a promise that he will have to keep.

Blood Sister is an entertaining read. The story will take you from Detroit to Florida and back, and then will set you down on a twisted ending that you won't see coming. Read the adventure today!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.75