Black Seduction

Black Jag, Book One

Angela Bernard is a jaguar sifter living in the Rockies. Currently, she’s fighting with her littermate over the future of Colony, their home. Angela wants nothing to do with humans while her sister sees making big money by becoming hired killers. This disagreement is libel to tear the community apart!
Raul has followed Angela without her knowledge. He’s been waiting for years to claim her as his mate but wanted to give her the time to enjoy being a young cat. Now, time has run out. Raul plans on leaving Colony with his littermates. They are unable to conceive losing their honor by becoming killers. Raul isn’t leaving without Angela though even though she may not like it.
Though Angela isn’t happy about Raul’s methods, she’s in agreement about leaving Colony. Can Raul win Angela’s trust and love as they and his littermates make their way to a new life?
Ms O’Clare has been writing different shifter stories for a while. According to the foreword in this story, the Jaguars are going to be different than the wolves that she had been writing about. As I haven’t read any of those stories, I wouldn’t know.
I enjoyed the characters and how they were put together. Angela is torn between her loyalties towards her littermate and her values. Mudding her thinking process is Raul, who she has had fantasies about for years. Raul and his brothers have a very tight knit relationship with each supporting the others. Raul as the oldest leads but the younger two brothers have no problem giving their input! 
One of the major complaints that Angela and Raul have is interacting with humans. You get the impression that Colony is independent and separate. Yet, computers, cars and other human convinces are being used as is money. Though several times it is implied that the jaguars don’t interact with humans, the reality is it appears that they are making good use of human commodities from beer to the Internet.
I had high expectations for this story and I was sadly disappointed. There were moments when my expectations were met or exceeded but then they would be quickly dashed. The biggest problem I had was the direct conflict with the not wanting to have anything to do with humans and their things while talking on a cell phone! Perhaps if the emphasis had been on the killer for hire instead of not having anything to do with humans, I could have enjoyed the story more.
Sex seemed to be an important part of this story. While I enjoyed reading about the give and take between Angela and Raul and appreciated the sex scenes between them, I wasn’t sure about Raul’s brothers role in that relationship. The lines seemed to blur.
Though this story didn’t meet all of my expectations, I still felt it ended too soon. I wanted to see and learn about their new lives. I wanted more depth and detail about how Angela and Raul’s relationship evolved. At under 100 pages, this story just wasn’t long enough to hold on the detail that I wanted.
So, I guess I might have to read the next book. Maybe it will star one of Raul’s brothers and I can catch a glimpse of Angela and Raul.

Book Blurb for Black Seduction

Raul VicMoran and Angela Kalucian will not tolerate what Colony is doing to their kind, the jaguars. One of the leaders in the community is making arrangements with the humans to sell their services as mercenaries. Hired killers. To hunt, capture and eliminate someone else’s prey. The level of humiliation is too strong to endure.

After fleeing Colony, Raul and his two male littermates travel through the mountains, south into the desert and finally the jungle as they work their way to Central America, where the only other known colony of jaguars live. Raul and Angela’s love for each other blossoms during their trials and ordeals while traveling. Angela also comes to respect all three VicMoran males to the point where she feels protective of them. Raul knows in his heart, without any doubt, Angela is his female. No one will ever challenge him for her. But for one night, in the complete blackness of the heart of the jungle, all three VicMoran males will share Angela, truly bonding the four of them together for life.

Reader Advisory: These cat-shifters aren’t your everyday cuddly tabbies. The males are wild and feral; the females are strong and won’t roll over to have their tummies rubbed. They make leopards seem domesticated. If you want your loving untamed and fierce, then come take a ride on the wild side…if you can stand the heat.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 3.25