Bewitched & Betrayed

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Bewitched & Betrayed

Raine Benares, #4

Raine Benares is a seeker, that is someone who can find things. She had some magical ability and was doing okay for herself. That is until she became bonded with Saghred.
Saghred is a stone that loves to eat souls. It’s also connected to black evil magic which isn’t a good thing. Because Raine is bonded to it, it tries to make her do things she normally wouldn’t do. On the plus side, it’s also increased her magical abilities allowing her to do things she never thought she could do.
Raine also has bonds with Tam, a good looking goblin and Mychael, paladin and commander of the Conclave Guardians. This is good and bad. Good because they can all communicate mentally which has its uses. Bad because if this bond is found out some people would use this knowledge to discredit them or worse. 
This is the least of their worries as 6 evil mages have escaped from Saghred and they need to be stopped. Raine can locate them but can she destroy them before they destroy her? Tam and Mychael are more than willing to help but can they?
This book picks up where the last one ended. It can be read without reading the prior books but it would be so much better if you read the previous books first.
The subtle humor that has been found in the previous books comes to the forefront in this one. I couldn’t help but to laugh during the opening scene: “I was being chased by a pissed-off naked guy with a knife. A really big knife. Him being naked was expected since I was doing my ducking, weaving, and dodging down a hall in the Isle of Mid’s finest bordello.” As this wonderful scene reaches it’s conclusion, my visualization of it had me laughing out loud. Scenes like this are throughout the book.
The characters are fantastic. Raine thinks she knows all about Mychael but she’s in for some surprises as he’s not who she thinks he is. These surprises give Mychael more depth and make him a lot more interesting. Raine’s pirate cousin is still around as is her uncle. Tam’s role as a father is developed more, though don’t get the idea that he’s not still interested in Raine. Of course, Tam’s son tries his best to get as far as he can with Raine himself. To go over each character would take way too long so just take my word that they all have their own unique personalities and quirks and I love them all. Okay, maybe not the evil ones but they’re still very well written.
As usual this book is action packed. After all, there are 6 evil mages on the loose, Sagherd trying to take over Raine, a love interest between Raine and Mychael and Raine and Tam, as well as some members of the council sure that Sagherd is controlling Raine and not Raine controlling Sagherd. Now, as if that isn’t enough there are explosions and chases. One of the main characters is even killed by Raine, on purpose! 
Once again Ms Shearin has given her readers a book that you don’t want to put down. With Raine, the adventures never end and I can’t wait to read more about them. 

Book Blurb for Bewitched & Betrayed

My name is Raine Benares. I’m a seeker. I find lost things and missing people — usually alive. Finding the specters of six evil mages who escaped the Saghred, a soul-eating stone of unlimited power, was easy. Stopping them before they unleash Hell on earth just may be the death of me.

Being bonded to the Saghred wasn’t my idea — neither is hunting down its escapees. Especially not when one of them is also hunting me. He’s regenerating his body by taking the lives of powerful victims, along with their memories, knowledge, and most important of all, their magic. The dark mage wants control of the Saghred, and if he gets it, he’ll become an evil demigod whom no one can stop. The only thing in his way is me.

One of us doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 5.00