Bent Road

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Bent Road

A Novel

When the 1967 race riots broke out in Detroit and Negro boys started calling the house for his oldest daughter, Arthur Scott decides to move his family to his hometown, Bent Road in Kansas even though he swore he would never go there again. His sister, Eve, mysteriously died there. He has no desire to return to this life he left but he’d rather do that than stay in Detroit.

His wife Celia only knows the city. She’s unsure of what she should do in Kansas. Her mother-in-law doesn’t help, only criticize.

Along with the husband and wife are three children. None are sure of their places in this strange town but the youngest Evie seems festinated with her dead Aunt Eve’s clothes. The oldest daughter has her eye on a local young man and the middle child, a boy, is hanging around with a boy that likes to shot things.

Arthur’s sister is a victim of domestic violence and when Arthur steps in, not everyone welcomes the interference.

And, shortly after the Scott family arrives, a child disappears. Evie thinks she saw her but no one is listening.

This is the debut novel of Lori Roy. She has a good writing style and it is easy to visualize her scenes. She sets up several suspenseful events and coordinates them well. Each could have been a main plot driver yet she intertwines them making the story richer.

Read the reviews on this book. They will warn you that this is a dark, Gothic type story and it definitely is. If this is not your type of suspense story, then don’t bother but if it is, this story will deliver. From the beginning there are dark overtones setting the stage for tragedy. Family secrets will tear people apart and the suspense may have you wanting to flip to the end of the book.

While this is not typically my type of story, I could see where others would love it. The characters are well done and grow as the story progresses. There are multiple layers to this story making it very complex. The era it is placed in is depicted well and realistically. But, beware, things aren’t always as they seem.

Book Blurb for Bent Road

For twenty years, Celia Scott has watched her husband, Arthur, hide from the secrets surrounding his sister Eve's death. But when the 1967 Detroit riots frighten him even more than his Kansas past, he convinces Celia to pack up their family and return to the road he grew up on, Bent Road, and the same small town where Eve mysteriously died. And then a local girl disappears, catapulting the family headlong into a dead man's curve. . . .

On Bent Road, a battered red truck cruises ominously along the prairie; a lonely little girl dresses in her dead aunt's clothes; a boy hefts his father's rifle in search of a target; and a mother realizes she no longer knows how to protect her children. It is a place where people learn: Sometimes killing is the kindest way.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50