Barracuda's Heart

Hot Rods, Book 6

This story is so emotional it will pull at your heart strings. While this story is part of Ms. Rylon’s Hot Rod series, it is so completely different from any other book in the series. Yes, there is still plenty of sex but this book is so much more. Addiction, suicide, abuse and so many other hard to talk about topics are brought up and put under the spot light. And, though these are very serious topics, there are touches of humor throughout so nothing gets too heavy and the story never bogs down. It is primarily male/male so if that turns you off, don’t read this story. However, if you do read this story, you will find honest emotions, touching scenes and two characters who want each other so much that they would do anything for the other. I started this story and didn’t want to put it down until I finished it. I was so involved and part of it. Truthfully, I think this is the best story that Ms. Rylon has written.

Carver saw the lights in his rear view mirror but he wasn’t stopping or even slowing down. He was a man on a mission and that mission was getting Ramon to the ER. Carver only hoped that he got there in time. Ramon had overdosed. The love between the two men has never been verbally expressed but everyone knows it is there. Now, things are changed. Will there love make it or will this break it?

Book Blurb for Barracuda's Heart

Some hearts can be repaired. Others should just be totaled.

Carver always thought he could sense when Roman was on the verge of falling into his inner darkness. But this time, Carver misses those cues—and leads the police on a high-speed race to the ER, praying his Barracuda won’t die on the way.

When Roman awakens from the haze of painkillers and alcohol, he already knows the question poised on Carver’s lips. Was it an accident—or did he deliberately dance on the edge of death? How can he tell Meep that lust and laughter are no longer enough to help him cope with the rapid changes among the Hot Rods?

Part of him is happy for them. The other part is pissed. Because what he’s always wanted is Carver all to himself. Much as he loves his brother mechanics, sharing isn’t his strong suit.

Roman needs time—and distance—to get his head on straight. The only question is, when Roman comes home from rehab, will Carver still love the man he has become—or will their roads have diverged too far to cross each other again?

Warning: Contains full-throttle emotion, pedal-to-the-metal sex, and an answer to the age-old question—can there ever be too many mechanics under the hood? During one of life’s speedbumps, there’s a brief, non-explicit depiction of self-harm. But don’t worry—all drivers make it to the finish line in the end.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 5.00