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Dragons of Riddich Book 3

This book is part of an extremely creative sci fi/fantasy series about dragon shifters, menacing enemies, and humans. It has terrific chases scenes, fighting and a lot of hot sex. Did I mention that dragon shifters are super sexy? The back story is reveled throughout this story so you could actually start with this one. However, your curiosity will quickly have you looking for the previous books. Piper and Baron are really good characters and besides trying to flee from the Tantonics (Baron’s enemies from his home planet), Baron is trying to figure out how to keep Piper even though she’s not a breeder. The entire story is action packed and fast paced. Once I started it was very hard to put down. I love how the different stories within this series are interconnected yet are totally separate. This story is totally unique and unlike any other shifter series I’ve read.

Baron and 4 other dragon shifter have flown to Earth hoping to evade the Tantonics who are taking over their home planet. Unfortunately, they were followed to Earth and now each shifter is on their own trying to stay ahead of certain death. Baron finds himself at a human party and also finds himself instantly attracted to Piper. He has no idea why he’s attracted to her but he does know that she’s coming with him as he runs. Can he get Piper to help him?

Book Blurb for Baron

The dragons will search the universe for their one true mate...

Piper Meadows hates her strange ability that allows her to sense supernatural beings; it’s made her an oddity and an outcast in her small town. It’s at a party she doesn’t want to attend that her ability is suddenly triggered, making her aware of someone not human. A pity that someone is also the best looking male she’s ever seen. Not that it matters, a man like Baron wouldn’t look her way twice … would he?

As captain of a mighty dragon army, Baron Alsharma has been exposed to a whole world of violence. Then he sets eyes on the gentle and remarkable Piper, and there is no way in hell he’ll give her up. He doesn’t care that she’s not a rare breeder. If he has to forcibly make off with her to convince her they’re perfect together, he will, even while having to keep one step ahead of the Tantonics, his sworn alien enemy. Except the Paranormal Detection Agency is also on his tail and will do anything to capture a shape shifting dragon, even if it means hurting Piper to get to him.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.50