Auctioning Charity

Charity Bradford is a vice president of corporate development. Her company is having a charity auction where they are auctioning off executives. The auctioned off executives would then take their winner out to dinner. Charity, as the only female executive, is not thrilled with be strutted down the auction block like a piece of meat. She feels it is demeaning and hopes to convince her boss, Roger of that fact.
Roger is drawn to Charity. He has fantasies where Charity is definitely the major player. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep his mind on what she is saying when he’s hard somewhere else! Roger knows that Charity is a submissive even if she doesn’t and wants to be her Dom, if only for a little while. The problem, as he sees it, is Charity is an excellent executive and he doesn’t want to loose her. The charity auction though gives him the opportunity to have dinner with him under the guise of charity.
While I loved the premise of this story, I wasn’t as thrill with the execution. 
The characters began to annoy me. Charity is suppose to be an executive in a large company yet some of her actions reflect an unsure, unconfident woman who desires to hide behind her clothes and position. Instead of seeing herself as part of an executive team raising money for charity, Charity sees herself as being put upon as being the only woman and wants to get out of something her fellow executives are participating in due to being a woman. As hard as women strive to achieve higher positions, unless others were complaining I find this scenario hard to visualize. Roger came across, to me, as an egotistical manipulator who only cared about what he wants regardless of others wants, needs or how it looks to others. He put himself and Charity into potentially dangers situations on the roadways with the thought that he could handle it. Distracting drivers is the way accidents happen especially at high speeds regardless if you’ve handled before or think you can handle it.
The situations that the characters found themselves seemed exploitive and not ones that would enhance a relationship. Charity wasn’t comfortable with many of Roger’s demands. He didn’t really care and he sure wasn’t changing his mind or ways. This not caring should have had Charity telling him where to go instead of coming back to him. Also, knowing that Charity was uncomfortable doing the auction, why would Roger make a bid that would further make her uncomfortable and draw more attention to her?
The sexual scenes were done in a titillating manner. They are very descriptive and graphic. They are also very numerous. If you enjoy these types of scenes with little character depth, you’ll find them here.
I finished this book and still wasn’t sure if I really liked it or not. There were things that I thought were excellent while others that turned me off. This left me confused. I truly like the idea behind this story. I saw a spark of humor within Charity that never was encouraged. I saw a character that ended up being a bad stereotype. 
So, as there are good parts as well as not so good parts in this story, I’ve given it a rating in the middle. You may love it depending or not. Or you may be like me and love parts and hate others. 

Book Blurb for Auctioning Charity

Corporate vice president Charity Bradford is up for auction. It’s all for a good cause and a huge bid from CEO Roger Morvan brings down the house and buys him dinner with the curvaceous, feisty blonde. But he wants the secretly submissive Charity in his bed.

The very dominant Roger has to figure out how to parlay this opportunity into much more than a dinner date. Nothing less than Charity—naked, bound and begging—will satisfy this Dom’s hunger.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 3.25