Assassin's Heart

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Assassin's Heart

The Order of the Sicari series, #2

Sicari are an order that developed during the Roman era when Christianity was in its infancy. They believed in the old gods and are considered heretics by the Praetorians.

Praetorians are fanatic Christians who will do anything to kill Sicari.

Each order is after power and searching for an ancient artifact, the Tyet of Isis. The Praetorians have their power based out of Rome. Sicari’s power base is in the USA. Both have a Roman heritage and similar skills.

Lysander has telepathic and telekinetic powers. He’s not sure why he has both until a mission goes horribly wrong and he discovers his mother was raped by a Praetorian with him as the result. For the next year, he struggles to overcome the physical and mental wounds from this meeting. He takes on suicide missions and turns his back on Phaedra, the woman he could love. They are thrown together when Lysander is tasked to head a team in Rome and Phaedra is placed on it as its healer.

Phaedra hates the Praetorians. She saw them kill her mother and will do everything she can to destroy them. She’s also a powerful healer which is why she’s been sent on this mission to Rome to find the Tyet of Isis.

Lysander and Phaedra have more in common than just being Sicari. Both have dreams of ancient Rome. Lysander dreams of the Maximus, the first Lord Sicari. Phaedra dreams of Cassiopeia, his beloved wife. Neither is aware that the other has these dreams. Could Lysander and Phaedra have been Maximus and Cassiopeia in a past life? What could this mean to their present lives?

This book is the second in a series. While it can be read by itself, it would probably be better if you’ve read the first book. I have not read the first book, yet found this one to be interesting. However, the main characters from the first book are in this one giving you a chance to catch up on their lives. I did find that I didn’t have a real good understanding on the history and back story though an attempt is made to share it.

Throughout the book are flashbacks to Maximus and Cassiopeia’s lives. These are more than a paragraph or two. They are long enough to get a good feel of how they lived and how much they loved each other.

The characters are all done extremely well. No one is perfect; everyone has an issue or two. Lysander is obviously working on being of mixed blood. Phaedra loves Lysander but feels like he’s hiding something, which he is! Other members of the team have their own quirks from Pasquale being a major flirt to Cleo fighting with her mother, Atia, the Prima Consul. There are no cardboard characters here! There are lots of secrets though.

There is also more than just a romance between Lysander and Phaedra. No one knows where the Tyet of Isis is hidden and no one knows what they will find once they find it. So, where is it? Can the Sicari figure it out before the Praetorians? And even if they can figure it out, can they get it without being caught and killed?

While I enjoyed the basic story, there were things that distracted me from it. The biggest distraction probably wouldn’t be too many people and that was the use of Italian and Latin. The frequent use of phrases and words had me stopping to figure out what was being said and my Italian and Latin aren’t very good. Now, I know that you don’t have to know either language and the translation is given but it’s a habit I have. The second minor distraction was the implied anti-Christian views of the Sicari. It’s hard to set that aside as a Christian though I didn’t like the Praetorians either.

Overall though, this is an excellent book. The plot is complex, interesting and keeps you caught in the tangled web it weaves. The characters are personable, multi-faceted and have special powers. The love is so strong that it has lasted 2000 years. The fight between the Sicari and Praetorians isn’t over and there’s more to finding the Tyet of Isis than meets the eye.

Book Blurb for Assassin's Heart

The past and present collide in a thrilling new paranormal romance from the author of Assassin's Honor.

The half-angel, half-demon face that telepathic Lysander sees in the mirror is a reminder of the monster he must keep hidden to avoid expulsion from an order of assassins. His dreams of ancient Rome hint at a destiny with a woman he loves, but can never have.

When the gifted healer Phaedra travels to Rome in search of a legendary artifact, she works alongside a man who once rejected her love and healing touch. But her dreams of Ancient Rome tell of an irreversible and possibly dangerous future. For the distant past and present are about to collide-with the one man she is destined to love.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.50