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Dragons of Riddich Book 2

Where I loved the first book, the prequel, this book wasn’t quite as good. It didn’t keep my interest as much. HOWEVER, and this is a big however, it is still a good book. There is more depth given to the dragon world and the fight they are having for their survival. Plus, several more dragons are introduced which lets fans know that there are more books coming. Asher was a well thought out character but Marissa left me with questions. I didn’t figure out why the Tantonics weren’t being chased by the Army or the special paranormal unit yet they never seemed to leave Asher alone. So, while this story was enjoyable, it didn’t always flow or maybe I just have a questioning nature. Or, maybe more answers will come in future books. And, yes, I am looking forward to future books as these dragon shifters are interesting and while their world may seem strange to us, I still want to learn more.

The Story: Asher is the leader of his people but his world has been overrun by a species that will kill them all. In order to save those that he could, Asher sent his people to other planets. His ship contained him and a few others including his sister. They are heading to Earth where it is believed his younger brother ended up years prior. They will be on the run as soon as they land as the Tantonics are following closely behind them. Marissa lives on a remote farm. Her fiancée died a year ago and she is barely making it. Yet, when a large naked man stumbles onto the farm she doesn’t hesitate to help, even knowing the Army is after him. The attraction between them is startling but how far will Marissa be willing to go to save Asher?

Book Blurb for Asher

Riddich king, Asher Mannett, has more to worry about than the agony of shifting into his dragon form. Tantonics, his alien enemies, will do anything to invade and destroy him and his people, and extract their vital energy.

When the last Riddich stronghold is breached, Asher boards a craft and escapes his planet along with a handful of his people. They crash land on Earth, where a rare few human women can breed with his species, giving his people hope of continuing their genetic line.

Thanks to her now dead fiancé, Luke, Marissa Kinkaid’s life has gone from one of decadent luxury to hardship. But then a huge, wounded dragon bursts into her life and opens her eyes to the dreary existence she’s accepted as her own. A life she no longer wants.

Despite her fear of abandonment, leaving her drought-affected farm with Asher seems far less complicated than facing Asher’s Tantonic enemies. She can’t imagine a life without the big, sexy alien in it. But will she lose him too before they’ve even had a chance at love?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 4.00