Arctic Spirit

Arctic Ice Book 1

Friendships, betrayal, secrets and so much more are included in this wonderful paranormal ménage romance. That may seem like a lot in one story but actually if flows nicely. It seems every twist and turn exposes more things which by the time everything comes together you’re totally hooked and invested in the characters. Chris and Drew may be twins but they are still individuals. Each has his own personality and interests though they are both interested in Charlotte. Charlotte is a bit more complex. She feels right at home in Alaska but some how never realized how many secrets the town was keeping. A bit strange but I suppose possible. Regardless there were several twists I didn’t see coming which was terrific. The romance was okay. This story is marked the first in a series and as the world that was being developed in this story sounds interesting, I’ll look forward to see where this series will go.

Charlotte, Chris and Drew were best friends all through high school. Actually, Chris and Drew were twins. Charlotte was attracted to both brothers but refused to choose between them because she couldn’t. Now, years later, they reconnect and Charlotte is heading to Alaska to visit them. As she arrives, Chris and Drew realize their mate in near. Is there a way that they can reconnect with Charlotte and recognize their mate?

Book Blurb for Arctic Spirit

Charlotte Austen has been in love with her two best friends, Chris and Drew Malcom, since high school, but choosing between them was never an option. The day she said goodbye to them was a painful one, especially since she thought she would never see them again. Ten years and one visit later changes everything.

Alaskan tiger shifters, Chris and Drew, have never gotten over Charlotte. The fact that they were both in love with her was never the problem … being destined for a mate, however, was. They reach out to her, hoping to find a way to resume their friendship. The three of them get an unsuspected surprise when they see each other again.

The trio’s happy discovery does not come without a price. Jealousy and prejudice threaten to destroy the budding romance. Will Chris and Drew be able to stop the threat before they lose the love of their lives forever?


Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 4.00