Anna's Return

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Anna's Return

Pleasant Valley Amish Book 3

Anna Beiler is on the run. She’s scared and she’s heading to the only place she can think of where she might not be found, the Amish community she grew up in. She left three years ago to live among the “English” and she wouldn’t be heading back if she didn’t need a safe place to hide her baby.

Anna is quickly accepted back into her family and though some gossip about her return, Anna isn’t letting it get to her. After all, she’s just hiding, not staying, isn’t she? The longer she stays though the more comfortable she feels. Still, she has to face up to her irresponsible youth and accept the consequences of it.

Samuel Fisher lives next to Anna’s brother and works with him at his machine shop. He knows that Anna considered him slow while they were growing up but he also knows that he may be the best person to help Anna adjust to returning to Amish life. Samuel has spent time with the “English” too and remembers all too well the whispers and talk. It will be worse for Anna because she had been gone so long and she returns with a baby. Samuel doesn’t expect the protective feelings he soon has towards Anna and her baby, Gracie. Can he trust himself to marry or will he take after his father and run from the responsibilities?

This is the third book in a series about Pleasant Valley. Characters from the previous two books are in this one allowing you to catch up with their lives. Leah from the first book is Anna’s sister so there is lots of interaction between those two characters. You don’t need to read the previous books to enjoy this one though. It’s just nice to know that you will catch up with what has been going on in Pleasant Valley.

The characters are very well written and have a lot of depth. Anna has doubts and fears. She’s at a turning point in her life and not real sure which way to go. Anna’s sister-in-law, Myra had to deal with real issues that test her faith. Each of the characters has a life, feelings and emotions that are brought out so they come to life.

The situations throughout the story are very realistic. Mothers everywhere have problems dealing with the news that their baby may not be perfect. Accidents happen on the job causing disruptions. Custody battles happen frequently with innocent children thrown into the middle of them. The idyllic world that most “Englisher” think the Amish world is, is full of problems and issues just like everywhere else. They just choose to deal with it differently than most “English”.

I really enjoyed my visit to Pleasant Valley. I thoroughly enjoy this Amish community and their neighbors. And yes, the Amish live among the real world; they just are not of it. Which means that they do have non-Amish neighbors that they interact with. For Anna, this means a constant reminder of what she will leave behind if she returns to plain living.

In today’s fast paced society, it’s a joy to sit back and enjoy a book that can combine romance, faith, and a bit of a thriller. Though this series is ended, I think, I look forward to reading more of Ms Perry’s books. She breathes life into her characters and brings a way of life most are not use to seeing into a reality that we can understand.

Book Blurb for Anna's Return

Marta Perry returns with a brand-new inspirational Pleasant Valley novel. 
After spending three years in the English world, Anna Beiler returns to the Pleasant Valley Amish with a baby girl, which will surely cause a stir since Anna is unmarried. What they don't know is that the baby is adopted, and Anna desperately needs to protect it from its violent father... 
Anna finds it reassuring to reconnect with family and old friends. But she hasn't fully faced the consequences of her irresponsible youth. And now she may be endangering her family. If she wants to stay, she must seek forgiveness from the community whose blessing she took for granted, and experience the true change of heart required to make a new beginning.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75