Angel Unaware

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Angel Unaware

Dora is an angel that can’t seem to do anything correctly.  Her latest mishap is tripping her good friend Gracie off a cloud.  Dora’s supervisor, Calvin, doesn’t know what to do with her.  No matter what the task, Dora does something wrong.  Dora loves gazing at the smooth surface of the Earth’s Pool watching the people getting ready for Christmas.  She longs to visit and finally gets enough nerve to ask Calvin to ask the Heavenly Council if she can go.  With great apprehension Calvin asks and is surprised when Dora is not only given permission to visit but is given a mission.
Tony and Penny are uncle and niece.  A little over a year ago Tony’s sister and her husband were killed by a drunk driver.  Tony sold his business and condo to move into their house with their child, Penny.  He knows that they aren’t meshed into a family and he’s not sure what is wrong.  He does know that something has to give between his home life and work so is hiring a live in nanny.  Little does he know that the nanny that shows up at his door is a bit angelic!
Calvin knowing how many times Dora messes things up decides to keep a eye on her.  When she moves the mirror he initially uses to spy on her, he arrives in the shape of a dog.  Penny falls in love with the dog and convinces her uncle to let her keep it making it impossible for Dora to have Calvin recalled to heaven. 
Still Dora has to get Tony to open his heart and let the love he feels for Penny shine through.  Penny has to learn to trust Tony enough to tell him the secret that she has about her parents’ death.  And according to Calvin, Dora can’t get close to either of them but she can’t help falling in love with them.  With Christmas coming quickly, can Dora make them a family before she has to return to heaven on Christmas Eve? 
To add to Dora’s work to get Tony and Penny together as a family, Penny’s father’s sister, Lisa shows up.  Lisa left several years ago as a drug addict.  She was bad news anyway you looked at it.  Now, she says she’s been clean for three years and is married to a well to do businessman in TX.  She wants custody of Penny even though she had never seen her before and she’s willing to go to court.  Will a judge see the love Tony has for Penny even if he can’t express it?
This book is a lighthearted look at angelic life with a misfit.  Dora tries so hard to do things correctly and wants to be the best that she can be.  Still, she muddles along with an optimistic outlook that can only make you smile.  Oh, and don’t ask her about sex.  They don’t discuss that kind of stuff in heaven.
All of the main characters have enough depth in them that you can feel their pain and their joy.  Tony remembers all the wonderful holiday traditions that his sister and he shared and is scared to share them with Penny because it might hurt too badly.  He thinks if he ignores them, blocks them out, any thing he can think of that will stop the pain of loosing his beloved sister.  Dora finds that she not only can cook but she enjoys cooking and it gives her joy to be able to make things for Tony and Penny.
The underlying theme of this entire book is love; the love of family, the love between friends and the love between a man and a woman.  This love comes through between Tony and his foreman, Jake who is concerned about Tony and suggests the nanny.  Tony and Penny’s next-door neighbor makes meals and makes Dora welcome and she shows her love for them.  Even Calvin shows how he cares about Dora by wanting her to succeed so bad that he becomes a dog. 
You know there is going to be a happy ending because this book is being directed in heaven by angels and they wouldn’t have anything less.

Book Blurb for Angel Unaware

Dora makes a lousy angel. Why? Because she was never destined to be one. Her soul was placed with those of the angels instead of the mortals in the Well of Souls. Now, she's given the opportunity by the Seraphim to go to earth at Christmas to help a family in dire need of guidance and prove herself worthy of being an angel, but more than one big surprise awaits this angel unaware.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 3.50