Angel in Leather


I don’t normally read about Dommes but I’m so glad I made an exception. This story is so much more than just BDSM. It’s about building relationships and trust. Of course, it helps that Brenna doesn’t want to be in charge 24/7. All of the characters come across as real and the situations feel possible. It is easy to fall into this story and for it to keep your interest because it’s so much more than just a visit to a BDSM club! Real life issues sneak into the story making it even more enjoyable. Though fairly short, 180 pages, this story feels longer due to all the drama, sex, and life that is found throughout the story. Excellent story for anyone who enjoys reading BDSM romance.

Rick has been looking for the right woman for a while and hasn’t been able to find her any where. When he finds a business card for an exclusive BDSM club, he gives the number a call and learns that he can come to an open house. Calling his best friend, Malcolm, they plan on attending. Both men are submissives who like to scene together. They have similar needs. Brenna is a Domme who has belonged to the BDSM scene since college. Rick attracts her eye almost immediately. Rick and Malcolm make it clear that they are a package deal but soon it’s apparent that Brenna is attracted to Rick. Could they have a relationship outside the club? And, what about Malcolm?

Book Blurb for Angel in Leather

Brenna’s a Domme. No apologies. Confident. All attitude. The scent and sound of leather have always turned her on, almost as much as hearing hard-bodied men beg her for it. But a deft hand with a paddle doesn’t make up for lonely nights. She’s looking for a lover, a man who’ll laugh at the comics with her when he’s not moaning with pleasure.

Rick’s a surgeon without a god complex. Pain’s always made him hard, and being spanked balances a psyche that makes daily life-and-death decisions for other people. His best friend Malcolm suffers the same needs, and when they spot Brenna at a prestigious BDSM club, they’re determined to make the seductive Domme their exclusive mistress.

Inside Scoop: The Domme in our story, upon occasion, enjoys sharing more than tips with other girls at the club and, though our three lovers share themselves and their pleasure, only one man is going to take Brenna’s heart home in the end.

A Romantica® BDSM erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50