An Expert in Domination

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An Expert in Domination

Bondage Ranch, #7

Welcome to Bondage Ranch. In this series, each book stand alone and has it’s own unique story. While characters from previous stories may make an appearance, that is all they make, an appearance. This story is awesome. It explores instant attraction and an introduction to the BDSM scene. It also brings up some more serious issues for some people such as divorce, child custody and sexual identification. Overall though, it’s about love, trust and living life. The characters, especially Sophia and Colby, have lives, family and commitments which make them come alive. The emotions that come across the page are intense. I was right there with them. Fantastic story with a perfect ending. A must read!

Sophia is a free spirit who has no issues with dancing around a bonfire with others but isn’t too sure about kinky play. Colby is a BDSM instructor visiting from California. He can offer nothing more than a scene or two. Sophia definitely has Colby’s interest but can he convince her to really try what he loves? It’s just for a weekend right?

Book Blurb for An Expert in Domination

Sophia comes to Bondage Ranch to get naked and dance around the bonfire, and maybe hook up with a guy. She wants a weekend of sensual fun before going back to her life as a single mom. What happens at Bondage Ranch, stays at Bondage Ranch, right?

But then she meets Colby Brock. Colby’s not the dance around the bonfire type. He’s a minor celebrity, an expert at BDSM and author of multiple books on the subject. Sophia never thought leather and whips and the like were for her, but she ends up being volunteered to be Colby’s demo bottom, and then he invites her to explore further. Soon, she finds Colby’s dominance addictive, and she’s torn between wanting more, and wanting to stop before she gets hooked.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 5.00