Amuse Bouche

This book is a bit different as it has added bonuses. First, if you love to cook or try new dishes, almost every chapter has a recipe for you to try. As the main characters do a cooking show, they are more than happy to share what they made for that day’s show. And, this show is a lot different than anything currently on the food network. Rick loves to read titillating letters which not only spice up the show but drive Francesca crazy; they also turn her on. Due to the letters, it takes a while before Rick and Francesca’s romance really starts to take form. For some they will be a welcome addition and for others an annoyance. I felt like they were various scenes from another story and couldn’t wait until they were finished so I could actually read about the true characters of the story. Even so, I did enjoy Rick and Francesca’s story and their path to love. Even the secondary characters were unique and interesting! So, overall, I liked this book and loved the inclusion of all the recipes. I may not make any of them but they sure do give me ideas of what to order if I ever go to an Italian restaurant.

Francesca is not at all sure she likes the way the network has changed her show. She must now work with an amateur chef and one that is so arrogant it drives her nuts. Rick truly loves women and wants them all. However, she is shocked when Rick starts reading sexually explicit letters on the air. He’s going to get them fined or fired or worse! And, if Francesca really wants to be honest, they are also turning her on. This could be a problem.

Book Blurb for Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche: To excite the taste buds, to tickle the palate. Amuse Bouche means 'happy mouth.' When Francesca Maria D'Allesandro takes her culinary skills to a cable television show, she never dreamed she would end up working with an arrogant, boorish--but very hot, bad boy chef who wants to spice up their ratings and take the show to new heights (and lows!) Follow their menu to love or loss?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 3.50