Always and Forever

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Always and Forever

Romance on the Go

This is a fast paced short story that has Sabina jumping in bed with Shaun and spending the weekend on the first date! Sabina is a naive virgin with self-confidence issues. Over and over it is stated on how well she cooks and how well liked she is as if to get the reader to agree as though those facts aren’t coming across through the story. Shaun is 12 years older and has been waiting for Sabina to grow up. However, while waiting he’s gotten the reputation for being a bit of a playboy. So, two characters that could be awesome but they almost fall flat due to the stresses of their character. (Telling the reader that Sabina is well liked or that Shaun has lots of different women.) Under it all though, this isn’t a bad story for those that like this type of story.

A childhood crush on an older man leaves Sabina in a bit of a pickle as the man is also a friend of her father’s. Shaun has been attracted to Sabina since he first saw her in her school girl uniform 5 years ago. Now she’s grown up and he’s tired of waiting. Will the 12 years between them be a problem? Or, will the fact that Sabina’s father is Shaun’s boss?

Book Blurb for Always and Forever

Sabina's crush on Shaun, her father's friend and work colleague, began the first day she saw him. Because of a twelve year age gap, and Shaun's liking for skinny, tall, gorgeous blondes, Sabina knows that Shaun is way out of her league. But she can still yearn.

A man can only avoid his attraction to a woman for so long before he has to do something about it. Shaun has decided that five years is long enough...even if Sabina's the boss's daughter.

The chemistry between them is explosive, but can they both admit their feelings and get their happily ever after?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 3.50