All Hallow's Evie

Holiday Hearts, Book Five

Sam Holiday has bought his first house just before his 35th birthday which is on Halloween. All 5 of the Holiday children were born on some sort of holiday and each seem to have some sort of special ability. Sam is a natural medium and can see and occasionally talk to ghosts. You would think that he would check if there were any reports of ghosts prior to buying an old Victorian house but he forgot and he soon learns there is one, a beautiful young woman.

Evie Bonnell died in 1916. She still has some unfinished business that can only happen in the corporal world. She died a virgin and wants to experience sex. So, for almost one hundred years she's been appearing to single men who live in her house with no luck. It's only the week before Halloween when she can materialize and she's hoping this time she'll be lucky.

When Sam heads up stairs to bed, he can't believe he's seeing a ghost at the end of the hall. Over the next few days, he will do much more than see her! But is it even possible or logical to fall in love with someone who has been dead for years?

This is the fifth and looks to be the final book about the Holiday family. Each sibling falls in love a bit differently than most people and their stories are highly entertaining. This story is no different. You do not need to read the previous stories to thoroughly and completely enjoy this one though the siblings and their spouses are in this story and the other stories lines are mentioned.

The character of Sam is done really well and he is such a guy. When Evie says she wants to experience sex before she moves on, Sam decides to give her more than just one night in bed but an education using porn movies! He does make up for it slowly introducing Evie to her sensuous nature. Sam also shows his loving nature while interacting with his family and a furry new member to his family.

Evie has been watching the world change for years but never has she been invited to explore it. Though her goal is to experience sex, she ends up experiencing so much more. Evie may have started off as a turn of the 20th century innocent but she soon learns to enjoy the decadence that the 21st century offers.

Though this story takes place during the week before Halloween, it feels as if the time were much longer. Sam and Evie cram a lot into those 7 days and learn a lot about each other. That doesn't mean the story feels cramped or rushed just that their feelings and emotions gear up quickly.

The ending was unexpected and great. After all, after Evie completes what she hung around for she'll move on leaving Sam behind. It's not real practical falling in love with a ghost. How do you resolve this issue in a way that makes sense? This story does it in a unique and fantastic way.

I have enjoyed reading about the Holliday family. I've actually read most of the stories in this series and none of them disappointed. There is a wonderful splash of humor in each and a lot of whimsy. It's definitely an interesting family.

I have to highly recommend this story. It doesn't matter than it's not any where close to Halloween. This story is great for anyone who likes a little paranormal and an awesome love story. It's not too long so it would be perfect on those snowy afternoons or just anytime when you want a heart warming story with a bit of fun.

Book Blurb for All Hallow's Evie

When Sam Holiday moves into his Victorian home the week before his thirty-fifth birthday, the last thing he expects is to find a ghost in residence. Especially a horny one.

Evie Bonnell has been hanging around since her death in 1916 because she has unfinished business. She died before experiencing sex. She's learned a lot over the years and has decided single, handsome Sam is the right man to do the job.

Every year she manifests for several days before Halloween, and when she asks, Sam agrees to help. Each night, he teaches her a little more about sensual pleasure. Sam's delighted that his demure ghost has turned into an eager hedonist, but not so happy that she'll be gone after Halloween. Not only is she the hottest woman he's ever had, but he's afraid he's fallen in love.

Now it's up to fate and the Holiday family magic to find a way for the lovers to stay together.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50